WATCH: Lee Se Young unwraps her view of the mighty King 2PM’s Junho in new ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ teaser

Published on Oct 07, 2021 11:57 AM IST  |  28K
'The Red Sleeves Cuff' poster
'The Red Sleeve Cuff' poster : courtesy of MBC

The Red Sleeve Cuff’ paints the story of Yi San and Seong Deok Im, who have their own takes on love and are determined to take it through. Played by 2PM’s Junho and Lee Se Young as they channel the characters of a future King and a court lady, the drama is being talked about owing to its adaptation from a popular novel.


As the two wish to bloom their love with conditions, their principles are questioned. King Jeongjo aka Yi San prefers to put his empire before any feelings for a woman. Seong Deok Im is willing to be more than a court lady to him.


In the most recent teaser, Seong Deok Im draws a sharp comparison between the subjects of an empire and the emperor as she says, “The citizens are often referred to as the rabbits while the King is the tiger”. Faced with the unending concerns of his nation, King Jeongjo is sombre in his royal court. His troubled face in the peak of the night is lit up with brightness as a candle is placed in front of him.


Seong Deok Im’s profile appears saying, “I have different thoughts.” The room is illuminated all over as her eyes meet King Jeongjo’s. She smiles with a promise, “I, a mere court lady, will protect the King”.



Will their love win or will it crumble?

The Red Sleeve Cuff’ will air its first episode on November 5 on MBC.


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