WATCH: NCT Dream teaches kids names of Dinosaurs by collaborating with Pinkfong on Children’s Day

Updated on May 05, 2021 03:51 PM IST  |  569.7K
A still from NCT Dream's collaboration song with Pinkfong called Dinosaur A to Z.

May 5 is celebrated as Children’s Day in South Korea. Many actors and celebrities come forward today to either post their childhood pictures, donate to children’s organisations, and other things to celebrate this precious holiday. But NCT Dream seems to have gone up a notch and has released an educational and cute song titled Dinosaur A to Z, which aims to teach children the names of Dinosaurs starting from the letter A to Z!


The group has collaborated with Pinkfong, a South Korean children’s educational entertainment company that creates fun stories and songs. Pinkfong’s most famous song is the viral hit kid’s song ‘Baby Shark’. The new song called Dinosaur A to Z shows NCT Dream members styled in ranger outfits who are in a CGI forest and come across dinosaur eggs. They then start naming the dinosaurs one by one alphabetically! They even end the video by saying ‘Don’t forget the dinosaurs’ names!’ Members show their child-like behaviours in the video, whilst being silly and having fun together, to make the music video more entertaining for kids. 


NCT Dream released the Dinosaur A to Z music video first in Korean and then with an English version with a sing along challenge too. After the video, each member took to Twitter to express their emotions behind the songs and wishing everyone a Happy Children’s Day! Chenle said, ‘I really liked dinosaurs when I was a baby, but it's fun to introduce the names of dinosaurs one by one to my children's friends.’ While Renjun said, ‘Everyone, let's find out about dinosaurs with us! And because today is your day, I'm happier than any other day.’


Check out the song below and some funny reactions by NCTzens after it! 





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