Watch: N.Flying members urge fans to throw away the 'turbulence' in their heart with a lovely 'Sober' MV

Updated on Oct 07, 2021 12:44 AM IST  |  52.1K
N.Flying members pose for the concept photo of 'TURBULENCE'
N.Flying members pose for the concept photo of 'TURBULENCE' (Pic credit - FNC Entertainment)

N.Flying, short for New Flying which also means "new wings" or "new escape", and we are grateful that the group is providing fans with much-needed escape, via their beautiful music! N.Flying has released their repackaged first full album 'TURBULENCE' and the accompanying title track 'Sober'! N.Flying members urge their fans to throw away any feelings of distress and 'turbulence' and just fly high!

In a rather genius move, the repackaged album is named 'TURBULENCE' but the title track is called 'Sober', to denote the upheaval of feelings people face at any given point in time. 'Sober' is composed by Lee Seung Hyub, Lee Hyun Seung, and TM, with lyrics penned by Lee Seung Hyub. Lyrically, the song compares feelings of distress, tension and turbulence with the turbulence felt while on an aeroplane! The song comforts the youth with the message that they can fly again at any time, even if they are currently still in the process of growing and it is okay to feel low and hurt and allow yourself to heal with time. In the music video, N.Flying members take a flight to jam out in an ethereal dimension, with a heartwarming chorus!

You can check out the music video below:

'TURBULENCE' is N.Flying's first repackaged album with a message to young people that they can fly again anytime, even if they are currently anxious and immature. The tracks featured in the repackaged album are tracks not included in 'Man on the Moon' including the title track 'Sober,' 'Into Bloom,' and 'Video Therapy'. All the members of N.Flying were initially diagnosed with COVID-19 but soon enough recovered safely and were back with the album release promotions in full swing.

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