WATCH: ONEUS members find themselves in a terrifying game of chance in trailer for ‘TRICKSTER’

RBW Entertainment revealed the first trailer for ONEUS’ comeback and we are already curious about the horror theme!

Published on May 05, 2022 03:44 PM IST  |  126.5K
Stills from the trailer
Stills from the trailer; Picture Courtesy: RBW
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RBW Entertainment shared the trailer for ONEUS’ 7th mini album ‘TRICKSTER’ and the horror theme has us excited! In the released video, strange things happen continuously to the ONEUS members, creating a mysterious atmosphere. Standing on the roof, Hwanwoong saw strange scenes every time he closed his eyes, and a card appeared on Ravn's cell phone, which was turned off. 

Following Seoho who runs into a faceless person on the road, and Keonhee as if being chased by someone, Leedo finds a card and enters the theater as if possessed. There was Xion in the theater where there was no one, and Xion, holding the hand of a faceless person, woke up in a mysterious space, raising expectations for the story film to be released later.

Curious about the meaning of the elements in the story film, such as trump cards repeatedly appearing in a tense atmosphere, faceless figures of unknown identity, 'Choice game' posters and the choice of Yes or No, etc. 

This album provides hints about the various concepts and worldviews that have been presented so far, and the worldview of ONEUS, which has grown one step further, is expected to unfold. Moreover, starting with a tour of 14 cities in the USA this year, ONEUS, which successfully led performances in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, and solidified its position as a 'K-pop representative performer', is expected to take a leap forward as a global artist through this album.

ONEUS will release their 7th mini album 'TRICKSTER' on the 17th and begin their activities with the title song 'Bring it on'.

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