WATCH: Park Eun Bin flip from a Princess to a Prince in front of SF9’s Rowoon in ‘The King’s Affection’ teaser

Updated on Sep 13, 2021 09:48 AM IST  |  39.3K
Stills from 'The King's Affection' teaser : courtesy of KBS

It’s a twisty complex world and everyone has a secret to hide. So does Lee Hwi who is a Princess disguised as a Prince. Played by Park Eun Bin, who will take on the dual role, the drama also stars SF9’s Rowoon as Jung Ji Woon. On September 13, KBS shared the first teaser for its upcoming drama ‘The King’s Affection’.


The teaser starts with soft notes in the background as a girl can be seen lightly running across the hallways of a lavish palace. The rustling of her pink hanbok can be heard as her steps move ahead and she turns around to reveal Park Eun Bin’s face as Lee Hwi who is smiling brightly. Carefree and happy, Lee Hwi crosses a mirror transforming into a cold Prince dressed in royal robes. The red and golden on the Prince are a stark difference from the earlier light shades, only adding to his serious and secretive vibe.


With a thud, the Prince bumps into someone, turning around to find SF9’s Rowoon as Jung Ji Woon staring down at him with a kind look. Their eyes meet as Lee Hwi turns guarded. With fear, secrets as well as warmth in his eyes the two stand close. A voiceover of their voices reveals the broadcasting date and time while matching voices to agreeing to ‘affection’.



The King’s Affection’ is a historical drama unfolding the story between Le Hwi who hides a big secret and Jung Ji Woon who is her teacher. The production team shared, "With the incoming fall, the story of awakening the sleeping emotional cells will begin. Please look forward to the historic chemistry that Park Eun Bin and Rowoon will create with their dazzling visuals and sophisticated acting.”


‘The King’s Affection’ will premiere on October 11 at 9:30 PM KST (6 PM IST).


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