WATCH: Park Hae Soo, Claudia Kim and Lee Hee Joon uncover dark secrets in the ‘Chimera’ preview

Published on Oct 20, 2021 03:14 PM IST  |  104.8K
Chimera Poster; Picture Courtesy: OCN
Chimera Poster; Picture Courtesy: OCN

The first episode of 'Chimera', which will be aired on October 30th, is drawing the attention of viewers by releasing the first episode preview on October 20th, announcing the beginning of the mystery of the serial explosion that started again after 35 years.

'Chimera' tells the story of homicide detective Jae Hwan (Park Hae Soo), profiler Eugene (Claudia Kim), and surgeon Joong Yeop (Lee Hee Joon) pursuing the truth of the so-called 'Chimera', a serial explosion and murder case that started again after 35 years for different purposes. Dam is a serial explosion tracking thriller.

In the preview video for Episode 1, Park Hae Soo and Claudia Kim searched for a vehicle that exploded with a huge roar, found commonalities with the serial explosion murder case 35 years ago, and struggled to uncover the inner story of the incident.

Park Hae Soo, who pursues the truth with sharp eyes, Claudia Kim, who collaborates with him based on his expertise in explosives, and Lee Hee Joon, who is staring straight ahead with a meaningful smile, stimulate the curiosity of viewers.

In particular, Park Hae Soo, who seems to have resigned, saying, "Investigator, I think it's too late," with a firm expression while locked in a space with a Chimera painting on the wall, and Su-hyeon's urgent voice screaming to get out quickly creates tension and the storm that unfolds from episode 1 development is foreshadowed.

As such, the drama 'Chimera' provides a sense of tension and extreme immersion that cannot be overlooked even for a moment with just the trailer, and it is raising expectations for the first broadcast by announcing the prelude to a series of explosive murders that started again with a breathtaking psychological warfare. 'Chimera' is scheduled to premiere on OCN at 10:30 pm on October 30th.

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