WATCH: SF9 members confront their ‘Trauma’ in the smooth, groovy and sauve MV

Updated on Nov 22, 2021 05:36 PM IST  |  160K
Stills from the MV
Stills from the MV; Picture Courtesy: FNC Entertainment

SF9’s 10th mini album ‘Rumination’, ‘Trauma’ is driven by a smooth soul groove with intensified synth-bass, instantly becoming the track’s appealing aspect. Written by SF9 members Youngbin, Zuho, and Hwiyoung, the track places its focus on recovering from trauma. Coupled with a smooth choreography, the MV was a treat to the ears and eyes! 

The group sings about a toxic relationship and the MV shows each member’s specific trauma with a memory shared with that person. SF9 expresses a strong desire to move on from the memories that engulf their senses:”Can I ever let you go?; Never never; Jammed in my hearts; Shards of memories of you.”  

On November 19, FNC Entertainment unveiled the highlight medley for ‘Rumination’. Tracks like ‘Memory’ is a more trap/hip hop sounding track but with emotional lyrics about love. ‘Dreams’ has heavy 808 bass coupled with a beautiful synth instrumental. ‘Gentleman’ is an inviting dance track and the first one, that too. 

‘On and On’ is slightly jazzy with a slower instrumental compared to the previous ones and with the cryptic lyrics, this track has the most potential to be a ‘Fantasy’ favourite! ‘Scenario’ also has a retro sound to it- very 80s feel with the ‘disco fever’ like instrumental and fast paced beats. ‘To Fantasy’ sounds like a fantastic album closer as it is an ode to their fans who stayed with through everything. Like a poem, the instrumental also tells a story. 

With such a beautiful album that was released today, SF9 will surely bag many more wins this comeback and we will be rooting for them!

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Anonymous : The album is really good, also the b-sides are just title track worthy. Hope they get many wins with this comeback. I'm rooting for you SF9!
REPLY 1 4 days ago
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Anonymous : i really like this song and the whole album as well the song named Memory is so great to listen
REPLY 1 5 days ago