WATCH: Shim Dal Gi works hard to protect her hidden personality in the frightening ‘Shadow Beauty’ teaser

Published on Nov 14, 2021 08:31 PM IST  |  70.9K
Shadow Beauty Poster
Shadow Beauty Poster; Picture Courtesy: Kakao TV

On November 14, Kakao TV released a new teaser for the upcoming web drama ‘Shadow Beauty’ and we are excited to see the horror series come to life! Shim Dal Gi transforms into a pitiful student that is the subject of harsh bullying but she uses that to fuel her need to create a hidden identity on Instagram under the name of ‘Genie’. 

With thousands of fans, she gets addicted to catfishing people. But all that goes to hell when her secret is discovered by an unknown individual and she becomes suspicious of every single person in her class, including her best friend. 

Previously, In the released group poster, Shim Dal Gi (Koo Ae Jin), Choi Bomin (Kim Ho In), Lee Na Kyung (Jinny), and Hong Seok (Lee Jin Sung) are included in one cut. In the midst of contrasting light and shadow over the figure of four people, the phrase ‘who is the real you that has been hidden’ is added, raising curiosity. In the character poster, you can get a glimpse of the narratives of four people: Koo Ae Jin , Kim Ho In , Lee Jin Sung , and Yang Ha Neul.

The first episode preview video released last week contains Koo Ae Jin’s unusual daily life at school. Here, Yang Ha Neul (Heo Jung Hee), who torments Koo Ae Jin, and Lee Jin Seong (Hong Seok), her only friend, appear, raising expectations for their relationship.

A mysterious background music is added to Koo Ae Jin's school life, who is being bullied by Yang Ha Neul.Then, Koo Ae Jin's daily life after school, which is 180 degrees different from her appearance at school, unfolds.Goo Ae Jin transforms into a star going by the name of Genie with 770,000 followers who dress up in colorful makeup and costumes and also take bold poses. Here, the atmosphere changes as the encounter with Lee Jin Sung , the only friend of Koo  Ae Jin at school is shown. Koo Ae Jin gets nervous when Lee Jin Sung says that she resembles someone.The scene in which he responds with a bright expression, "That's right! Goblin" for a moment, feels like a scene from a school romance. The ending scene, which once again reversed the atmosphere, leaves a strong impression. Episodes 1 and 2 of 'Shadow Beauty' will be released at 8 pm on the 20th.

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