WATCH: SOMI is a teen diva in new music video for single ‘DUMB DUMB’

Updated on Aug 03, 2021 10:32 PM IST  |  246.6K
SOMI teaser photo
SOMI teaser photo : courtesy of The Black Label

SOMI, you are a Queen and we just got proven right once again today!

The solo artist and former I.O.I. member, is known for her catchy songs that take you on a fun ride with her. This time it is no different as SOMI is celebrating being the ‘main character’ of her own story in the new music video for her single ‘DUMB DUMB’. Watch below.

Starting with the view of a crown, as Queens do, a young girl child with wings can be seen hopping around and snap she grows into her older self. A teen star with blonde hair, SOMI is her adorable self, winking her way through life. Now older, her wings continue to guide her through a high school life where she is smitten by the star of the place. 

Doing her best to dream of success with the boy, SOMI says ‘take or leave’ in a sparkly outfit and living her life to the fullest. Her complicated state of mind is explained through as she often feels happy and giddy then suddenly smashes cake. A heartbroken SOMI is no more the princess in her room as she steps into the party-land where the boy is.

It comes full circle for SOMI, who is doing her best to pull in the boy she has feelings for but ends nowhere as opposed to what she had hoped to be a fairytale ending. This is her latest single after ‘What You Waiting For’ was released last year.

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