WATCH: Song Yoon Ah and Jeon So Min’s lives entangle in the teaser trailer for ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’

Published on Oct 19, 2021 03:08 PM IST  |  180.7K
Show Window: Queen’s House Poster
Show Window: Queen’s House Poster; Picture Courtesy: Channel A

Channel A's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Show Window: Queen's House', which is scheduled to be broadcasted for the first time in November, is a mystery melodrama depicting the story of a woman who cheered for an affair without knowing that she was her husband's girlfriend. The unconventional storyline and the combination of actors such as Song Yoon Ah, Lee Sung Jae, and Jeon So Min gather viewers' expectations.

The first teaser for 'Show Window: Queen's House' was released on October 18th. In this teaser, you can get a glimpse of the special relationship between Song Yoon Ah and Jeon So Min in the drama. The released video begins with Jeon So Min (as Yoon Mi Ra)'s question, "Why are you good to me?" To this, Song Yoon Ah (as Han Sun Joo) replies, "We're not related but we can be friends." Then, Song Yoon Ah and Jeon So Min together pass through a montage, suggesting the unusual relationship between the two.

On the other hand, Jeon So Min asks, "Should I be like a younger sister?" and deepens the relationship with Song Yoon Ah. Here, she agrees, "We are sisters. As of this time,".'.

Next, the phrases 'My husband's woman' and 'I cheered for her love' appearing on the screen suggest that there is a change of relationship between them. At the same time, intense scenes such as Lee Sung Jae (Shin Myung Seop) and Jeon So Min, who appear as Song Yoon Ah's husband in the drama, a woman's arms soaked in blood, a man and a woman making love, and a car accident are unfolding, foreshadowing that unusual things will happen. .

Finally, the title of 'Show Window: The Queen's House' appears and the sound of glass breaking is heard. Channel A's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Show Window: Queen's House' is scheduled to premiere in November.

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