WATCH: Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Hyunjin trapped in a dramatic MV for ‘Red Lights’

Published on Sep 13, 2021 08:37 PM IST  |  58.5K
Stray Kids' concept image: Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

On September 13 KST, Stray Kids revealed the music video for the song ‘Red Lights’ from their superhit album ‘NOEASY’. The song featured Bang Chan and Hyunjin in a dramatic and dark video, full of theories and secrets.

The video starts with Bang Chan and Hyunjin finding it difficult to breathe while being trapped in metallic chains. The video goes from black and white to red adding intensity to the already fierce music. At the end of the video, both the members stare at their reflections in the mirror with intensity, as if they can not recognise themselves anymore.

Hyunjin and Bang Chan totally nailed the music video with their effortlessly perfect acting skills, smooth moves and impeccable charms.

Here's the music video for 'Red Lights'.

The song ‘Red Lights’ is about continuing to love endlessly despite all sufferings and red flags. Musically, it is an upbeat song backed by heavy instrumental music and perfect vocals.

Previously, Stray Kids’ agency JYP Entertainment also dropped the music videos for the tracks ‘Cheese’, ‘The View’, ‘Sorry, I love you’ and the title song ‘Thunderous’. 

‘NOEASY’ was released on August 23 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST) and became the first-ever million-seller album for not only the boy group but also for its agency JYP Entertainment. The album consists of a total of twelve songs, ‘Cheese’, ‘Thunderous’, ‘Domino’, ‘Ssick’, ‘The View’, ‘Sorry, I Love You’, ‘Silent Cry’, ‘Secret Secret’, ‘Star Lost’, ‘Red Lights’, ‘Surfin’’, ‘Gone Away’, ‘Wolfgang’ and ‘Mixtape:Oh’.

At present, Stray Kids is gearing up for their Japanese comeback on October 13. A total of four Japanese tracks will be released including ‘Thunderous’ Japanese version, ‘Scars’, ‘Call’ and ‘My Pace’.

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