WATCH: Stray Kids unveils an adorable ‘SKZOO Version’ dance performance for ‘Thunderous’

Published on Sep 20, 2021 09:35 PM IST  |  113.2K
Stray Kids' concept image: Courtesy of JYP Entertainment
Stray Kids' concept image: Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

There’s a zoo party at JYP Entertainment! On September 20 KST, Stray Kids unveiled the ‘SKZOO Version’ dance performance of their latest single ‘Thunderous’ and fans can not help but gush over how cute the boys looked.

The members can be seen wearing their cartoon avatars with red jumpsuits looking absolutely adorable while dancing to the nerve-wracking choreography of their latest single ‘Thunderous’ from the album ‘NOEASY’. 

It is noteworthy to see how the members managed to keep a serious expression despite their funny costumes and continued to perfectly synch all the steps in the costumes that bloated them like balloons. 

Here’s the ‘SKZOO Version’ dance performance video of ‘Thunderous’.

Even though the entire choreography went smoothly, I.N lost his character crown at the end while Felix’s chick leg just decided to betray him, adding humour to the already hilarious performance.

‘SKZOO’ stand for a project by the boy group wherein each member is given a cartoon avatar that best represents their personality. Bang Chan being the ‘Wolf Chan’, Lee Know as ‘Leebit’ (a rabbit), Changbin as ‘Dwaekki’ (a pig and rabbit hybrid), Hyunjin as ‘Jiniret’ (a ferret), Han as ‘Han Quokka’ (a quokka), Felix as ‘BbokAri’ (a chick), Seungmin as ‘PuppyM’ (a puppy) and I.N as ‘Foxl.Ny’ (a fox).

Fans expressed their excitement and adoration about the newly released video talking about how the members’ poker faces were in contradiction to their attire, how Stray Kids always bring their own unique ways to surprise fans and how the video overshadowed all the music videos revealed for the tracks from the latest album including ‘Gone Away, ‘Red Lights’, ‘Cheese’, ‘Surfin’, ‘Sorry, I Love You’ and ‘Thunderous’.

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