WATCH: T-ara takes the world by storm with their attractive visuals in the ‘TIKI TAKA’ MV

Published on Nov 15, 2021 07:01 PM IST  |  129.9K
T-ara Concept Photo
T-ara Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: MBK Entertainment

T-ara is back as a group and we are too excited to see them on-screen. They united in one heart of wanting to become a singer that fans can be proud of. T-ara released a new single 'Re:T-ara' at 2:30 pm IST on November 15th through Dingo Music. Although the members said, 'Maybe it will be the last', they introduced, 'They conveyed the meaning of wanting to become their own proud singer again to the fans who have been with them for 13 years.'

While preparing this album, all four members felt a touching emotion. Eunjung said, "It's the moment I've been waiting for so long," and Qrie said, "It wasn't easy, but at the same time, all four of us became free agents at the same time, so we met frequently with the members." Jiyeon said, "When we announced our comeback, the former staff gave a lot of help. While preparing, I thought that now is the right time for all the members to become free agents. Everyone who worked with us made it with the same mind. It's a meaningful album that you put out." 

There is also a point choreography tailored to the lyrics of 'You are an outlaw in the western area/ I am a sad wanderer who lost your way/ You pick up the gun of farewell/ Reload by pointing at me I got a shotgun'. Jiyeon boasted, "It's a choreography using the thumb and index finger, and it's easy to follow. One of the double title songs, 'ALL KILL', is a western style hip-hop pop dance genre. Jo Young Soo and Ahn Young Min, who have been together since their debut song 'Lies (Part 1)', have come together for the first time in 9 years. Jo Young Soo and Ahn Young Min, who met T-ARA after a long time, appeared together in Dingo content, boosting their comeback. The members were satisfied, saying, "It was a combination of lyrics and a melody that we didn't expect."

The second title song 'TIKI TAKA' is attracting attention with the participation of ‘Crew Lachika’, who rose to the top spot with Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter'. It is an impressive song with the strong bass of the chorus and the addictive melody, and the members exuded a splendid aura like a queen from the teaser. The lyrics of the sad farewell are impressive, as opposed to the elegant and luxurious members. 

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