WATCH: Thrilling teaser released for Netflix Original series ‘Squid Game’

Updated on Aug 16, 2021 05:46 PM IST  |  143.7K
Squid Game poster : courtesy of Netflix

456 people. 45.6 Billion KRW. One survival game. ‘Squid Game’ is here to mess up your mind with its possibilities and undiscovered secrets. The teaser shows just how unpredictable the show aims to be as the 456 participants are seen gathered in a survival show aiming to win the prize money or at least survive long enough to stay alive at the end.

The teaser begins with the participants dressed in green coloured uniforms gathered inside what appears to be a sleeping chamber with beds aligned on top of each other right up to the ceiling. A team of individuals dressed in red outfits, baton in hands, hooded faces informs them of their stay when a curious man inquires about the prize money. The camera pans to a sphere filling to the brim with gold. A fair game is promised as people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds live in the same conditions with no information revealed about the impending games.

It cuts to a humanoid robot playing the game of hide and seek with the contestant, and one being shot without a thought. No one is spared as one by one, the games take away the lives of humans when Lee Jung Jae’s character asks for it to stop. Speaking to a surveillance camera, he demands justice for the dead bodies.

Will he come out alive? Or end up like those countless bodies stuffed in gifting boxes? The world awaits with questions and excitement for ‘Squid Game’ releasing September 17.



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