WATCH: VICTON’s Hanse slashes with his sabre and words in ‘TAKE OVER’ music video

Updated on Sep 26, 2021 04:14 PM IST  |  80.7K
Hanse's concept image
Hanse's concept image : courtesy of Play M Entertainment

VICTON’s Hanse has made his solo debut with the album ‘BLAZE’ on September 25 which also marks the rapper’s 24th international birthday. Simultaneously, Hanse also released the first of the two title tracks on his album ‘TAKE OVER’ with an interesting music video for the song.


“TAKE TAKE TAKE OVER I’M BACK IN THIS GAME” the lyrics ring in as Hanse powers through in a jewelled headgear over a stylish white outfit. Letting his blonde hair loose, begins the speedy rap of Hanse as he drones about people who are mad at him for being famous.


Calling himself a ‘veteran’ and a ‘ballin’ celeb’ he brings the attention to himself with his shining sabre that aims at the haters. The dizzying visuals make an appearance as scenes from him sitting at a table full of ‘eyeball food’ to him in an illusionistic portal to finally on a solo stage, chic outfits, heavy makeup and eye-catching accessories grab the spotlight.



Over a lingering tune, the words repeat and a high-end beat launches itself. Hanse raps about his fantastic captain skills, as various artists join him in ‘taking over the K-pop music scene’. The story reaches a climax as he hops over a glamorous white horse, taking off his grand headgear and stares into the screen.


Hanse’s album is set to have another title track 'Public Enemy' ft. Jayci yucca to be released soon. It will be of the pop-funk genre as opposed to ‘TURN OVER’ which is of the house genre heightened by a grand bass sound.


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