WATCH: Yugyeom is bruised, bleeding and heartbroken in his quest for love in All Your Fault MV teaser

Published on Jun 15, 2021 06:17 PM IST  |  212.7K
Yugyeom's concept teaser photo for 'Point of View: U'

The release of GOT7’s Yugyeom’s solo album Point Of View: U is right around the corner and fans are as excited as ever. Efficiently keeping up the hype for the album throughout promotions, the idol pre-released the MV for ‘I Want You Around feat. DeVita’ on June 11.  And today, on June 15, he dropped another MV teaser around the same time as his group member BamBam’s riBBon released.  


The music video teaser is for his second track titled All Your Fault feat. GRAY. The clip starts with Yugyeom lying in a dumpster, with garbage and trash bags strewn all around him. Another startling component is that his face is covered with bruises, and is bleeding. In a completely unpredictable way, we also see him smoking a cigarette, while he lies on the road with arms open, and with no care in the world. The title then appears in a big bold red font super as we see a close up of him opening his eyes. 


Watch the teaser below: 



While it is clear that something gruesome happened to the character, the entire story will only be revealed only when the album is released. Since the title ‘All Your Fault’ is quite expressive, it seems to juggle a lot of emotions, ranging from unrequited love, struggle for acceptance, to even being used and cast aside.


While Yugyeom is still a member of the hit group GOT7, this is his first solo studio album, since he became a part of Jay Park’s AOMG entertainment agency. The album is titled ‘Point Of View: U’ and will feature a total of six tracks, and is due for release on June 17, 6 PM KST.


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