WAVE to Deja Vu: Here are our top 5 lead singles from ATEEZ on their debut anniversary

Updated on Oct 24, 2021 02:54 PM IST  |  122.1K
ATEEZ concept photo
ATEEZ concept photo : courtesy of KQ Entertainment

ATEEZ is a boy group under KQ Entertainment that debuted with the mini-album ‘Treasure EP.1: All To Zero’ on October 24, 2018. Onwards and upwards the “8 makes 1 team” went with surprising new concepts, a fiery will to excel and teamwork that has seen so many sides, ATEEZ has become a beacon for K-pop. Today, we check out some of our favourite lead singles from the group.


Pirate King:

A debut like no other, a song like none. Shot between the mountains, a dynamic ‘Pirate King’ emerged as ATEEZ came through with their debut. The world was introduced to a powerhouse of 8 boys that will eventually lead the K-pop scene.


Say My Name: 

Their first comeback was just as powerful if not more when ATEEZ gave way to their story with another moody track. Calling out their name in every which way chic and edgy, the boys cemented their footing.



Our favourite on the list, their most bright and cheerful number to date, ‘INCEPTION’ caught fire with its vibrant colours, taking everyone to an oceanic view from ATEEZ’s eyes. Hakuna Matata-ing their way to a breezy swipe through their hair, we were hooked. 



Much like its name, ATEEZ crept into the minds and hearts of their fans unknowingly through this song. The first look of a new ATEEZ, seductive and leisurely, dancing through water fire alike, the boys’ unrelenting choreography was once again center stage.


Deja Vu:

The most recent comeback saw ATEEZ once again unrushed, careful, and on point with a concept that fans were excited about. The beats on this one, coupled with a slow-burning dance, brought most to mirroring it as the group ascended to the top.


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