Webtoon inspired by The Little Mermaid gets a Kdrama remake

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The official poster of The Whale Star; courtesy of Naver WEBTOON

TAKEONE STUDIO, a comprehensive content production company, announced on July 9 that it would produce a drama based on the popular Naver WEBTOON series, artist Na Yun Hui's The Whale StarThe series, The Whale Star, is set in the year 1926, during the period of anti-Japanese movement of independence activists in Japan-occupied Korea. The main character, 17-year-old Soo Ah, is a servant of a pro-Japanese landowner. The story begins when she meets Eui Hyun, an independence activist who jumped into the sea after being shot by the Japanese police, at a nearby beach. The sweet and innocent Soo Ah nursed him back to health, and Eui Hyun told her the story of The Little Mermaid, a princess of the sea who saved a prince from his death.end

Having fallen in love with Eui Hyun, Soo Ah was determined to meet him once again, not knowing the end the little mermaid met at the end of the story. This work is a reinterpretation of Andersen's fairy tale The Little Mermaid, with a Korean touch.

The webtoon started serialization in June 2019 and finished with 105 episodes last month. It is a work with the highest ratings in the Naver WEBTOON Romance genre, with consistently recording a rating of 9.9 after the serialization. In December of last year, it was selected as 2020 Today's Manga by the Korea Comics Promotion Agency. In March, fans started crowdfunding for the production of an audio drama.

TAKEONE STUDIO was established as a spin-off from TAKEONE COMPANY, a game production company, in 2021. In February 2021, before the split from parent company, they produced the drama L.U.C.A.: The Beginning with H House. TAKEONE STUDIO is known for producing various webtoons and webnovels.

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