Webtoon vs Drama: Who did it better? Feat. the super hit rom-com True Beauty

Fans of True Beauty, it's time we open up the rings. Take a look at who we think wins.
Webtoon vs Drama: Who did it better? Feat. the super hit rom-com True Beauty
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True Beauty has almost made a cult fandom. Many cults, if I may say. One, when the drama was announced. It divided the original True Beauty (Webtoon) fandom in half - one side with thinking that the show would disappoint, and other half hoping to give it a chance. After the drama, it divided all of the fandom into two - Team Suho and Team Seojun - leading to ASTRO Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop's incredible flight to fame. 


The overall story is about Jugyeong, who thinks she looks ugly (beauty is subjective and a social construct), stumbles upon the magical world of makeup, and transforms herself into a goddess with it. Leading a secret life, as she was bullied in the past, she changes schools, makes great friends and apparently, a boyfriend too. The title also in a way, is apparent for what the moral of the story is - inner beauty is more important than the physical beauty and our Jugyeong, is of course pretty in that sense. 


I'm sure everyone would've watched the entire series and repeatedly watched the 'Okey Dokey Yo!' scene. If you haven't, then spoilers ahead! First things first, let's clear out the fact that since it's an adaptation, a drama that has to be over in 18-20 episodes, there definitely are scenes and information that wouldn't make it all into the show. The storyline would be a bit different, yes. But not when it comes to sacrificing the character or changing them, in a sense. 


In the drama, we see Ju Gyeong changing schools, but her hideout place - the comic book, remains the same. And that is where she meets Suho. Suho is the same grumpy, aloof guy who falls for Ju Gyeong. Enter the best-friend-turned-archenemy Seojun. The love triangle is definitely there, yes. But one of the major changes that we see is that Ju Gyeong never gets to see how good Seojun can treat her. Her relationship starts with Suho, ends, and then again starts with Suho. Her passion doesn’t get enough spotlight. It gets mixed and sometimes overshadowed, with the love triangle - with soft moments or her crying or Suho’s intense eyes. Which we were all in for, no doubt. 


The love triangle: 

It’s almost sad how drama fans did not get to see how good Seojun could’ve treated Jugyeong. While many swooned over the handsome Hwang In Yeop, and got heartbroken over the fact that Jugyeong doesn’t choose him, the webtoon will be your respite. We actually get to see Seojun and Jugyeong be together, and the pure joy that takes over Jugyeong’s life. But all of this is, of course, after Suho leaves, with a proper goodbye but disappears in between. Jugyeong in the webtoon is a more steady girl, who knows what is right and wrong and takes things as they come. Even though it’s a long journey, she tries to let things go and put herself first. That’s exactly what she did when Suho left, and she grew close to Seojun - she let herself be loved and fall in love again. 


The friends-into-enemies-into-friends concept: 

I don’t know about others, but one of the major drawbacks for me was the ‘arguing’ scenes between Suho and Seojun in the drama. Like the classic old movies, two enemies were in love with the same girl, trying to make each other jealous, trying to outdo one another - for a girl. This was bizarre and totally unexpected as in the webtoon, they become friends much sooner and never really ‘fight’. Why? Because Suho and Jugyeong are together, and it makes no sense for Seojun to come in between them. So he starts loving her from afar. Only when Suho goes, and time has passed, does he make the move. Another point to note - when Suho comes back and sees Seojun and Jugyeong together, there’s no hard feelings there either! Awkward moments and pain, yes. But not fighting or arguing. I believe the writers of the show gave the characters that touch to make it more melodramatic, but for me and I’d like to believe other True Beauty webtoon fans, it didn’t quite work. 


Jugyeong’s passion and self-love journey:

Another MAJOR drawback is Jugyeong’s character arc in the drama. In the webtoon, I remember waiting for the next episodes to see Jugyeong take charge of her life, to see her grow from a person who was always in doubt and kept others’ happiness first, do things for herself, give herself some time. But in the show, the whole arc of her being so passionate about her makeup career goes for a toss - getting overshadowed by romantic or painful moments. In the webtoon, Jugyeong meets Selena, works under her, gets an opportunity to do makeup for a movie, works with Selena again for a popular idol survival show where Seojun and Suho both are forced to take part and does their makeup and so much more! Rather than crying over Suho, which she does for some days, she moves on, making herself better. 


Jugyeong’s friends: 

Sujin and Kang Sua - both are incredibly nice human beings in the webtoon. Her identity hasn’t been revealed yet in the webtoon, but I’m sure that they’ll take in the best way, because that’s just how they are written. They’re always there to support her and encourage her. However, Sujin in the drama, was turned into a jealous friend who tries to make her life worse. Another factor changed for making it broadcast-worthy, I still think it would’ve been nice if the writers went from showcasing the cliched, unrealistic friends to actually let the trio be an example of what a healthy friendship looks like, just like in the webtoon.


Like I said, I can understand some parts of the storyline being twisted and turned. But not major arcs that define them as characters. Now, we all know that the creators of the original webtoon know about these changes too and that is all right. However, when an adaptation is announced, there sure are higher expectations. 


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Having said all that, I’m at least glad to see Jugyeong, Suho and Seojun live! For me, Webtoon wins! 


What about you? The comments section is open!