What does BTS 2021 Muster SOWOOZOO have in store for ARMY? Check out the details here

Read on to find out what awaits you at BTS' 8th anniversary Muster SOWOOZOO!
BTS 2021 Muster SOWOOZOO poster BTS' poster of upcoming 2021 Muster titled 'SOWOOZOO'.
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ARMYs are reeling in the adorable content BTS have been releasing the past few days. From a tough BTS exam to a short live performance clip with a medley of songs, as the days grow closer, the content released for ARMYs gets better. BTS’ will be celebrating their 8th anniversary this year on June 13 and 14. The name of this year’s muster is ‘SOWOOZOO’, which is also the Korean name of their track called ‘Mikrokosmos’, which ended up being a comforting song for ARMYs. 


On June 11, BigHit Music released some more information about the Muster. The company always makes sure to amp up the heat and it’s going to be the same this year. Muster SOWOOZOO will be a ‘festival’ focusing on BTS and ARMY having a fun time together with plenty of interactions. The muster is designed in such a way that both the artist and fan will be able to enjoy their heart’s content. Here are some things that the group has lined up for their fans: 


First off we have is the stage design. While it might not be possible for ARMYs to attend the show, the set is designed as an outdoor stage, at the scale and level of a festival in an indoor space. There will also be a live feature that is expected to present a colourful spectacle. All of this is in order to make fans feel like attending a real concert with things unfolding right in front of their eyes. 


The key to Muster SOWOOZOO is to revive the emotions and joy of offline performances. So, rather than the VR and AR high-end technologies they used last year in ‘Map Of The Soul ON:E’ concert, this stage will make fans feel as if they are enjoying and breathing with BTS at a concert hall! Adding to the offline performance experience, the muster will also be available in 4K/HD ‘Multi-View’ service. Fans can select and enjoy any screen from the six screens broadcasting the show in real-time and have a vivid experience of being in a concert. 


In addition to these, there are two special events called ‘ARMY on Air’ and ‘ARMY IN ECHO’ which will help break the wall between artists and fans interactions. 


‘ARMY on Air’ is a fan event where videos of ARMYs enjoying BTS’ performance will be shown while in ‘ARMY in ECHO’, fans singing the group’s songs or fanchats will be played during the performance! 


BTS also has another surprise! It is reported that both June 13 and 14 days’ performances and a part of the set lists are organized differently. There will also be a never-seen-before performance released for the first time through Muster SOWOZOO. 


This will mark BTS' first Muster in two years, as the Muster was postponed last year due to the pandemic. This year's Muster will take place on the weekend, June 13 and 14 at 6 PM KST (3 PM IST). The tickets for the show are available on Weverse with various options to choose from. The 2021 Muster SOWOOZOO will stream live on the platform VenewLive.


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