Who is the child actress who signed an exclusive contract with Fantagio? Hint: She was Song Joong Ki's co star

Park Ye Rin emerged as a popular child actress in 2021 with the Netflix movie "Space Sweepers" starring Song Joong Ki.
A screenshot from Space Sweepers A screenshot from Space Sweepers, courtesy of Netflix
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Regarded as the first Korean space blockbuster, Space Sweepers is a 2021 South Korean space Western film starring popular actor Song Joong Ki. The film, the actor's last work before his appearance in Vincenzo, was directed by Jo Sung Hee who has worked previously with the actor for the film A Werewolf BoyThe film debuted at #1 on Netflix in at least 16 countries including France, Malaysia, Croatia, the Philippines and, of course, South Korea. The movie had dominated Netflix's daily top 10 rankings in 80 countries upon its premiere. It gathered more than 26 millions household viewers on Netflix during the first 28 days of its release.

With such great response to the film, it was but a matter of time that the popularity of its cast increased by leaps and bounds. Included in this list of popular cast members is child actress Park Ye Rin. Park Ye Rin played the character of Dorothy in the movie. First believed to be a robot, the character was actually a human who was injected with nanobots by her father as a last resort to heal her. Her acting chops didn't fail to impress the right people. She made another appearance on screen, albeit brief, in KBS2 drama Sell Your Haunted House.

The eight-year-old actress has been a popular face in South Korea since 2017 due to brand advertisements. From children's toys to artificial intelligence, home appliances, chicken, and even ice cream, she has appeared in advertisements for various brands and caught the attention of viewers with her innocent smile and cuteness.

On the morning of June 7 KST, Fantagio, the entertainment company that manages K-Pop boy groups ASTRO and Weki Meki as well as popular stars Cha Eun Woo and Ong Seong Wu among others, revealed that they signed an exclusive contract with the child actress. "We are delighted to work with an actor with such great potential. We will spare no effort to support Park Ye-rin so that she can grow into a good actress."

The agency also revealed that Park Ye Rin plans to engage in various activities such as dramas, movies, and advertisements this year. "We ask for a lot of anticipation and interest in our future activities."

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