Why are K Pop boy groups better known for their complex choreography than girl groups?

A dive into the various girl groups that own the various forms and techniques of dance over the years.

Updated on Jan 13, 2022 02:04 PM IST  |  2.4M
Dreamcatcher; Picture Courtesy: News1
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K-Pop is all about music and complex choreography. This industry is different from the rest for the unique groups, music and dance. The boy groups and girl groups have their own differences when it comes to style, concept, etc but one thing that they do get compared for is choreography. Boy groups are generally known for strong and intricate choreography that usually involves forms like hip-hop, b-boying, martial arts, krumping etc. These forms look tough and are tough to master, which is why viewers get mesmerised at the synchronised movements. 

Many girl groups have a soft and feminine concept for comebacks which leads to them creating easier choreography that’s pleasing to the eye so to a viewer, it may look extremely easy to follow and maybe even uninteresting but then there is certain technique and elegance that goes with music. To make the dance look easy, the artists need to put in a lot of hard work and in the end, choreography looks effortless and fans mistake it for uninteresting and monotonous style. 

Let’s go back to the first K-Pop artist that brought dance-centred music to the world and is still known as the undefeated dancer of K-Pop- BoA. One of the first soloists from SM Entertainment who was known for tracks like ‘Only One’, ‘Eat you Up’, ‘Woman’, ‘Better’ etc. Besides being the ‘Queen of K-Pop’, she worked hard on her choreography. Her dances were simple in the beginning but still had an impact. Over the years, she just increased the danger with various stunts like in ‘Woman’, where she entered the stage by walking upside down, held by her backup dancers.  

Sunmi is another soloist that knocked it out of the park with her choreography! Even her earlier tracks like ‘Full Moon’, ‘Gashina’, ‘Noir’, ‘24 Hours’, etc had such beautiful choreography that looks ‘easy’ but it's all thanks to the exceptional skills of Sunmi and her dancers like the song ‘24 Hours’ that simple choreo in the chorus but those are known as ‘traps’ where the dance may look easy but they definitely need time and skill to master those moves. 

Let’s move on to some girl groups that smashed with their choreography! Dreamcatcher is one of those groups that are vocally strong as well as in dance. From their first song ‘Chase Me’, they have conquered the industry with their mind-boggling choreography. Performances like ‘You and I’ where the members worked with scarves and sticks, which is difficult to do. 

Another group that comes to mind is GFriend. Since their debut, they have been known for their sweet and feminine concepts and the perfect choreo that goes with it. Songs like ‘Love Whisper’, ‘Glassbead’ ‘Rough’, etc have truly showcased synchronisation the group has, so much so that in their last track, ‘MAGO’, they even danced a small portion of the song with blindfolds on and they executed it perfectly! Some other groups to mention are After School, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, etc. Each group have created choreos that are remembered even today and are definitely worth mentioning 

This doesn’t undermine the absolutely smashing choreos performed by groups like ATEEZ, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, A.C.E, ONEUS, etc who are known to be a ‘dance centred’ group but usually they are used as examples to diminish the reputation the groups build through their dance along with music. Boy groups don’t just do ‘hard’ choreos, for example ONEUS’ ‘A Song Written Easily’ or BTS’ ‘GO GO’ where the choreography was relatively easier but it was needed for the concept, therefore it went well. Each artist creates art in their own way and has a certain process and outcome for it so we, as viewers, can critique it but comparing it to a part of the industry doesn’t make sense. 

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