Why did the BTS ARMY decide to boycott Billboard magazine and ask for an apology?

Updated on Aug 31, 2021 04:58 PM IST  |  184.6K
BTS concept photo
BTS concept photo : courtesy of Big Hit Music

BTS and their fans are a tight knit group of individuals comprised of intellectuals, artists and people of all ages, genders and regional backgrounds that you can think of. They are an accepting group of people who will find out about the core of the matter and will take multiple points into consideration while presenting their views. 

The fans, known as ARMY, have continued to support the group in all their endeavors and have an equal hand in the success of BTS as claimed by the boys themselves on multiple occasions. But they do not tolerate one thing- uncalled for name-smearing of their favourite artists.


So why did the assembled multitude decide to trend hashtags like ‘Billboard Apologize to BTS’ and ‘Boycott Billboard’?

Recently, Billboard released a magazine edition titled ‘Inside the Business of BTS — And the Challenges Ahead’. What lay inside was indeed inside the business of BTS, so much so that the fans called for cancelling the sale of the edition altogether. 


One of the main points of concern became the alleged ‘chart manipulation’ that Billboard seems to think has been taking place on part of the ARMY. Bulk buying being the argument, Billboard questioned the nature of BTS’ success on the Billboard Hot100 charts claiming that the sources of many of these purchases are unclear. When the group was directly asked if their company took part in manipulating the chart, Big Hit Music’s president slammed down any such rumours and expressed pride in BTS’ achievement. Leader RM put his own words forward by mentioning how the group and their fans were an easy target due to their origin. 


Another sensitive topic of the boys’ military enlistment was broached when there was a mention of the South Korean Government changing laws for the group and their peers, allowing them to wait until the age of 30, as opposed to 28 years of age earlier, to enlist for the mandatory service. Billboard wondered if anything would be replacing BTS’ mountainous earnings if and when the members decide to enlist themselves.


Last but not least, Billboard also played into a fanwar situation by sharing concerns of Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa’s fans who have doubted the charting of BTS as it seemingly relies on sales more than streams according to them. The fans raised their voices if other acts too were subjected to such suspicions and why it was incorrect to question their ways. World famous girl group BLACKPINK were also mentioned as ‘rivals’, agitating the fans further. 


Check out Billboard’s magazine cover below.



Calling for an apology and asking fellow fans to not buy the magazine, Billboard seems to have crossed major horns with the ARMY on this one.


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