Why did Salt Entertainment prohibit actor Kim Seon Ho from wearing accessories?

Actor Kim Seon Ho made cute complaints about his agency banning(?) him from wearing accessories.
Kim Seon Ho Kim Seon Ho at an award show; courtesy of News1.
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K-Drama enthusiasts often suffer from The Second Lead Syndrome. In the list of characters that make our hearts flutter is Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk starrer drama Start-Up's second male lead Han Ji Pyeong, played by actor Kim Seon Ho. The cute and charming, not to forget, intelligent and charismatic man has effectively made his place in our hearts. On June 7, the man behind the character went live on NAVER VLIVE for about an hour and a quarter. During the live broadcast, Kim Seon Ho made such a cute remark that it was difficult to stop going back to watch that part again. It was the part where Kim Seon Ho complained, very cutely, about not being able to wear accessories.

In the words of the actor, "I like wearing jewellery. But Salt banned me!" With occasional peeks at the staff behind the camera, he continued the cute whining. "I mean, it's not a ban, but they don't really want me to wear them. The staff keep on telling me that I don't look good in them."

He also revealed that he wore a necklace but had to take it off because they (the staff) thought it was too shiny. He then took the chance to show off his accessory. The style of his choice of accessories, as noted from some old pictures, seems to be leaning towards grunge and streetwear, which might come out as odd to quite a few people.

Fans have left comments like, "LOL. Just don't listen to them. Do whatever you want, oppa!" and alternatively, "I mean, I agree with the staff, but if that's what you want...!". Most comments are along the lines of "Ah, so cute! How cute is he going to get?!"

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Anonymous 3 days ago

I am so excited and cannot wait for his new drama to come out. Let’s go Kim Seon Ho. Lifetime supporter from Texas ❤️❤️