Why Hellbound will not be the next Squid Game?

Published on Nov 26, 2021 04:48 PM IST  |  525.8K
'Hellbound' and 'Squid Game' posters
'Hellbound' and 'Squid Game' posters : courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has been hitting the bull’s eye when it comes to its recent releases. While previous dramas like ‘Sweet Home’, ‘Extracurricular’ and ‘The Uncanny Counter’ saw wide fame because of the love towards thriller and mystery K-dramas, September 2021 saw a masterstroke like no other. ‘Squid Game’ came in and swooped in to the attention of the audience.

It charted No.1 on World Netflix and soon was the most talked about show. In another few weeks, ‘My Name’ dropped and was another well performing show, however the eye balls waited for November. Yeon Sang Ho now challenged religious beliefs, once more showing his liking towards supernatural beings in the form of angels this time as opposed to his famous zombie-centered films. He also brought in actor Yoo Ah In who is known for taking on unique characters.

The show did exceptionally well, dethroning ‘Squid Game’ from the top spot within a day of its release, also grabbing No 2 in India. It held the position in 24 countries and yet we say the fame is nowhere near the money chaser. The viral takeover of ‘Squid Game’ was nothing like the ones released before it and that has been reciprocated throughout the world even thereafter. It presented a reflection of the world as we know it now in its utmost realistic state and played on the privilege of the rich who find amusement at the expense of the harassment of the poor.

On the other hand, ‘Hellbound’ presents one of the most innate feelings of humans, fear, by adding a dash of the sad truth in accordance to the uncalled for appearances of unearthly beings. The two shows are similar in their ways of expressing disagreement on the way of life by showing exactly how the human minds work but could not be more on the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their methodology.

Moreover, ‘Squid Game’ took children’s games to add a fun element by grabbing the attention of the young ones who have now made a fad out of it while ‘Hellbound’ taps the darker side of the society that will ignore the truth just so it can exude power. The former left open ended and the latter was an obvious head-scratching cliffhanger.

Both the shows confer another season, with a unanimous demand pouring in for ‘Squid Game’, whereas Yeon Sang Ho has announced that there are no plans of a live action sequel for ‘Hellbound’ as of now. And while we think we might wait for the likely return of Jung Jin Soo more, the world bounces in anticipation for the next steps of Gihun who as director Hwang Dong Hyuk said, “Will do something for the world”.

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