Why we think Logan Lee will be the main villain in The Penthouse S3

Logan Lee has had a spotless record so far in The Penthouse: War In Life, but is he squeaky clean or have chinks in the armour we can't see. Read on to find out.
Park Eun Suk plays Logan Lee in the show Why we think Logan Lee will be the main villain in The Penthouse S3
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The Penthouse S2 is almost over. The stunning makjang drama has been a smash-hit across the board, generating mind-boggling TRPs across 2 reasons. It's safe to say that The Penthouse S2's biggest competition, in fact, is themselves. The Penthouse: War In Life has been a smash-hit with fans since its inception for its wonderfully construed premise, amazing performances and mind-numbing plot-twists. The second season of The Penthouse has seen it all, murder, revenge, people coming back from the dead, lovers, enemies and unexpected plot twists that no one saw coming! 

*Spoilers Alert* In episode 12 of Season 2, we see how Shim Su Ryeon and Logan Lee play their ultimate mastercard against Joo Dante, successfully trapping him and Cheon Seo Jin in their cleverly planned and elaborate game plan. All this while, when Shim Su Ryeon puts herself at risk, Logan Lee is shown to be firmly by her side, protecting her like a lover. The two kiss in a much-awaited kiss sequence, generating a collective squeal from the audience's worldwide. This makes me wonder, is Logan Lee really that good? Logan Lee is the only outsider character who has successfully maintained a spotless image amongst the Hera Palace residents and in the eyes of the audiences. He is easily an audiences favourite and fans are rooting for him to end up with Shim Su Ryeon, but is he really that good?

Let us refresh our memories of him. We first meet the character when he dresses up as the cartoonish and funny sports coach, Gu Ho Dong. He isn't afraid of the rich and affluent students and mets out punishments on them for their cruel behaviour towards Min Seol A, the girl who was cruelly bullied by the rich kids of Hera Palace and eventually died in the Hera Palace. We then meet, the charming and smart businessman, Logan Lee, who flies down to Korea to meet Joo Dante for a business deal. In a stunning plot twist, it is revealed that Logan Lee is in fact, Gu Ho Dong, and he has come to Korea to avenge his sister Min Seol A's death. 

Now, do you remember why Min Seol A even left the States in the first place? It is because she donated her bone-marrow to Logan Lee, a practice that was conducted illegally. She was framed for being a thief and deported back to Korea. Logan Lee expresses to Shim Su Ryeon that he is regretful of his family's behaviour towards his sister and has come back to earth the truth behind her murder. I wonder if there is another motive after all!

I do think that Logan Lee can become The Penthouse's ultimate villain and has an ulterior motive too. Nobody is innocent and spotlessly clean in The Penthouse, in fact, the more good he/she appears, the more the chances are of a devil lurking inside them. I have some plausible theories to support my statement. He must have realised that Min Seol A possesses some wealth and he must have returned to Korea to retrieve it. Unfortunately, she was killed before that, so he has joined forces with Shim Su Ryeon's justice league to avenge Min Seol A's death and also retrieve his lost wealth. Another possibility is that he is here for Shim Su Ryeon after all! He must have discovered her true identity while in the States and has decided to entrap her and loot her. Unlike, Joo Dante, who charms women with sweet-talking, Logan Lee is well-versed with the fact that Shim Su Ryeon is unlike other women, hence he is going out of his way to get in her good books and loot her share of wealth and property.

It is important to remember we don't know much about Logan Lee except his guilt towards Min Seol A, but we cannot discount the fact that he does have ulterior motives and might just turn out to be the actual mastermind, or, Min Seol A's actual killer too! Think about it, he had the time, opportunity and brilliance to execute a perfect murder and he must have done that to Min Seol A too. Maybe she got to know of a dark secret of his, and killing her was the only option left to him or she was trying to stop him from using Shim Su Ryeon, and paid a heavy price for that? 

The possibilities are endless and the stage is set. The Penthouse S2 airs its last episode on April 2 and if rumours are to be believed, a season 3 is in the pipeline and will air in June sometime.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

this did not age well

Anonymous 1 month ago

Hes dead whats there more to say The worst ending ever

Anonymous 1 month ago

What "wealth" isn't he already crazy rich?

Anonymous 1 month ago

yeah we ne of the reason why joo dan tae wasn't able to kill him

Anonymous 1 month ago

he was my hero in the penthouse, you have a point but i really wish he isnt bad, but we all she that yon hee and sol a scene in the balcony.... aishhh i really hope he is not turn up to be bad, but everyone has a dark side. i guess