Will Snow White Must Die be the Mr. Sunshine star Byun Yo Han's comeback to the small screen?

Published on Jun 20, 2021 09:30 AM IST  |  386.5K
Byun Yo Han at an award show
Byun Yo Han at an award show, courtesy of News1.

On June 18, SARAM ENTERTAINMENT confirmed that actor Byun Yo Han received an offer to star in the drama "Snow White Must Die" and is currently reviewing it. Snow White Must Die will be based on the mystery novel of the same name written by one of the most widely read German mystery writers, Nele Neuhaus. It will depict a series of events that happened in a village, the ugly side of human nature and the activities of an attractive detective duo who begin a race against time to solve the mystery.

On acceptance, Byun Yo Han would play one of the main characters, Go Jung Woo; Tobias Sartorius from the book. The character is smart but was convicted and imprisoned for the murder of his childhood friend and his beautiful girlfriend based on circumstantial evidence. After serving his sentence, he goes back to the village, to his roots. Unfortunately, history starts to repeat itself in a disastrous manner when another pretty girl goes missing.

Since his debut in 2011 with the short film Working on Saturday, actor Byun Yo Han has been very active on the big screen. He has received numerous awards for his role in the independent film Socialphobia. He has appeared in a handful of dramas including Misaeng: Incomplete Life, Six Flying Dragons and his latest Mr. Sunshine.

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