WJSN’s Bona, Seol In Ah, Ha Yoon Kyung, Nam Ji Hyun and more: 5 favorite second female leads of 2022

We have had some amazing second female leads in the 2022 K-Dramas so let’s take a look at some of our favorite ones. Read ahead to know more.

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Bona, Seol In Ah; Picture Courtesy: News1
Bona, Seol In Ah

Let’s take a look at some of the best second female leads of 2022 K-Dramas :- 

1. WJSN’s Bona (Twenty Five, Twenty One) 

In 1998, Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) was a member of the school fencing team at Seonjung Girls' High School, but due to the IMF crisis, the team was disbanded. To continue pursuing her passion, she transfers to Taeyang High School and later manages to become a member of the National Fencing Team. Baek Yi Jin’s (Nam Joo Hyuk) family goes from riches to rags and is separated due to the financial crisis. He is forced to take up several part-time jobs and later becomes a sports reporter. In the present day, Kim Min Chae (Choi Myung Bin), Na Hee Do's daughter, quits ballet and runs away to her grandma's house. During her stay, she comes across her mother's diary, through which the story is then told. She took on the role of Ko Yu Rim, a high-school fencing gold medalist whom Hee Do idolizes, and her greatest rival. She was a misunderstood character who eventually became Na Hee Do’s support system and vice versa. 

2. Seol In Ah (Business Proposal) 

Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong) goes on a blind date after she accepts to replace her friend, Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah), whose father had arranged it. The plan is to have Ha Ri 'getting rejected' by her prospective partner. However, it goes awry when her date turns out to be Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop), CEO of Go Food, the company where Ha Ri works. Tae Moo, who is being pressured by his grandfather Kang Da Goo (Lee Deok Hwa), the chairman of Go Food's parent company, to go on blind dates with suitable marriage partners, decides to marry his blind date partner to avoid going on the rest of the dates, without knowing she is the fake Jin Young-seo or that she is his employee, which she assiduously tries to hide. However, Ha Ri's fake identity, but thankfully not her employment status, is soon exposed after the real Jin Young Seo gets into a parking accident with Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu), Tae Moo's secretary, who was acting as Tae Moo's driver at that moment. Tae Moo bullies and bribes Ha Ri into pretending to be his fiancée in exchange for a payment of 800,000 won per date after his grandfather threatens to send him on countless blind dates. During the course of fake dating, Ha Ri uses her new identity alongside a fake background, created for her by Tae Moo and Sunghoon, to make a good first impression on Tae Moo’s grandfather. While the relationship starts out frosty and uncomfortable, the couple soon grows closer until Tae Moo finds out Ha Ri's real identity. Despite feeling betrayed, Tae Moo still loves Ha Ri and they later became a couple as he told Ha Ri he knew the truth of her identity. 

3. Ha Yoon Kyung (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo tells the story of Woo Young Woo, a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder who is raised by her single father. She grows up with a single friend at school, Dong Geu-ra-mi, an oddball girl who protects her from school bullies. She graduated at the top of her law school class at Seoul National University. But as the series progresses, many of the people she meets, such as her supervising lawyer, Jung Myung Seok, her law school classmate and peer, Choi Su Yeon, and legal support staffer Lee Jun Ho adjust to her as she learns her craft as a rookie attorney. But she also encounters people who are prejudiced against her and others with disabilities. Many of the legal cases in the series involve finely balanced legal issues and sometimes difficult ethical questions. One storyline about Young Woo’s parents runs through the series and involves the rivalry between two major law firms, both chaired by female attorneys, Han Seon Young, CEO of Hanbada, and Tae Soo Mi, CEO of Taesan, as well as her jealous colleague Kwon Min Woo. 


4. Nam Ji Hyun (Little Women)

About three sisters with a close bond who grew up in poverty. It is the exciting story of the sisters as they get embroiled in a major incident and face off against the wealthiest family in the nation. Kim Go Eun plays the eldest sister Oh In Joo, who wants to protect her family with money. Growing up in extreme poverty, her only dream was to live as well off as other normal people, but a major incident completely shakes up her life. Park Ji Hu transforms into Oh In Hye, the youngest overwhelmed by the love of her older sisters who work hard for her. Although she has never even used decent art supplies due to their family’s financial situation, she enters an art high school with her natural talent. Nam Ji Hyun takes on the role of the second sister Oh In Kyung, a news reporter who does not want to bow down to money and aims to always do what’s right. When a mysterious case from her early reporter days returns close to her, she starts digging for the truth.

5. Sojin (Shooting Stars)

Set within the entertainment world, employees work for a star and try to make that person shine. Oh Han Byeol (Lee Sung Kyung) is the PR team leader of a management company. She has excellent skills in speech and crisis management. Gong Tae Sung (Kim Young Dae) is the top actor of the management company where Oh Han Byeol works. He is loved by people due to his image of a kind and polite person. But, Gong Tae Sung has a different side. He has a strong desire to win and a hot temper. Oh Han Byeol and Gong Tae Sung bicker over pretty much everything, but their relationship develops romantically. She took on the role of Jo Ki Bum, Oh Han Byul's close friend and entertainment reporter. Her love story development with Do Soo Hyuk (Lee Jung Shin) is beautiful to see.

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