Wondering what the GFRIEND members are doing after disbandment? Here's what our fav girls have been up to

K-Pop girl group GFRIEND disbanded after their contract ended on May 22.
GFRIEND An image of GFRIEND, courtesy of GFRIEND's Twitter
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As of May 22, 2021, the six-year contract of girl group GFRIEND with their label Source Music came to an end. The members decided not to renew the contract and, furthermore, got separated from each other. GFRIEND members took to Weverse to express gratitude to their long time companions, their fandom, BUDDYs with each member uploading a handwritten letter.

It has been a little over two weeks since then. After six years of star chasing, it is not that easy to stop. So we have brought a status update for BUDDYs. Here's what our favourite girls have been doing.


Sowon decided she wanted to visit the maknae. Well, not the maknae herself but her family. "Actually, I came because I wanted to see mother and father, not Umji." Recently, leader-nim has posted a picture on SNS with coffee in hand. Her relaxed look is complemented by her sweet smile that never fails to make our hearts flutter.


Yerin started as an emcee on Lifetime Channel’s “Beauty Time Season 2” together with Jiyeon, former T-ARA member Jiyeon and former member of AOA, Choa. She recently visited her high school classmate, Red Velvet's Joy, along with Apink member Hayoung.


After the group's disbanding, Eunha has dived right into focusing on her solo career. On June 3, she released the song "At the End of Time" an OST for Korean webtoon "The Stairway of Time".


Yuju also decided to focus on her solo career after disbanding. On June 5, she released the song "Comfort " as the OST for MBC's 10th anniversary special "Bossam: Steal the Fate". The song topped Melon's OST chart.


According to one of her Instagram stories, SinB was hanging out with the group's choreography teacher, Soyeon ssaem. She celebrated her birthday on June 3 and other members showed up in her Instagram live comments to wish her.


Recently, Umji experienced the incident of not being able to recognise a relative on social media. She was put into focus for apologizing shortly after claiming she knew all her cousins and there was no such cousin as the fan had mentioned. She confirmed it from her mother and it turns out the person was a cousin. He was the son of her mother's maternal uncle. And BUDDYs were busy comforting a very embarrassed Umji.

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Anonymous 7 days ago

The Ladies know what to do now and they know how to do it. I was never a Kpop fan and still really am not., But this group had everything going for them to make me such a happy international Buddy and to smile more. They refreshed my love for music in new light. I feel if all is well with these Ladies all is well with the world : )