Wondering what idols do after work? Here's 5 KPop idols with strange hobbies that you would have never guessed

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KPop idols BTOB Sungjae and BLACKPINK Jennie at an event
BTOB's Yook Seungjae and BLACKPINK's Jennie clicked at promotional events. (Pic Credits: News1)

K-Pop idols have a strenuous schedule. Most of the time, they go to sleep late in the night and wake up super early. They then have to practice hard for hours perfecting their vocals and choreography, have brand endorsements or videos to film, photoshoots or interviews with magazines and much more. When it comes to having some much-deserved ‘me-time’, they hardly get any time at all. 


It’s not necessary for everyone to have a hobby. And it can also be that scrolling through Instagram is one person’s hobby. Thanks to the internet, hobbies aren’t only restricted to playing cricket or painting. Anything that keeps us sane during our leisurely time, away from the hustle-bustle of the world, is a hobby. Considering this, there are many K-Pop idols who pour their (whatever left) energy into doing something they love, besides their love for music. 


Who knows, you might add to the list of your favourite quarantine pastimes too. 


IU - Collecting photos of beautiful people, playing with slime


Not many would have guessed what the Nation’s Little Sister’s hobby would be like. The singer that grows finer by each passing day loves collecting photos of people who look beautiful! On top of that, she loves playing with slime too. She has uploaded a couple of videos on her Instagram account which shows her playing with it. When it comes to beautiful people, IU thinks the most beautiful person is the late Sulli. She was head-over-heels in love with her and they quickly became best friends when they met as MCs. 




BTOB’s Yook Sungjae - Fishing


Learning about fishermen in school might not make it look like a super cool profession (which it is). But, BTOB’s Sungjae is here to prove them wrong. Even though not a professional in the field, the idol enjoys fishing in his leisure time and even looks cool while doing it! 




Girl’s Day’s Yura - Drawing, Painting


One idol whose hobby is out there for the world to see, is Yura from Girl’s Day. Dubbed as the ‘Idol Artist’, Yura has insane talent in drawing and sketching, and does so flawlessly. She’s seen travelling to museums, posing in front of street art or paintings in general for her Instagram updates too!



BLACKPINK’s Jennie - Building Legos


Like we said, a hobby can be any activity that people love to do in their free time. For BLACKPINK’s Jennie, it’s playing with legos! Contrary to many people’s opinion, Legos aren’t only for kids. It’s for anyone who has any creativity left and wants to have some fun, by building things for themselves. In a 2020 Vogue interview, they made customised Kuma and Kai (her pets) in legos for her along with a bag! 




EXID’s Hani - Reading gore manga 


The idol-turned-actor displays godly looks on stage and has a personality that is bound to make anyone love her in the first impression. However, her hobby is a tad bit different than the rest shown in the article. She loves reading comic books and manga, but not the ordinary ones. She loves reading super-gory and super-violent comics (lots of blood and dismembered bodies) - which is a complete 360 turn to her personality! 




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