WONHO gets his head in the game for the release of ‘BLUE’ with MV teaser

Published on Sep 09, 2021 07:04 PM IST  |  150.1K
WONHO’s concept photo
WONHO’s concept photo : courtesy of Highline Entertainment

WONHO is putting out his sporty side for the release of his second mini-album ‘Blue Letter’. On September 9, the music video teaser for the upcoming album from WONHO’s title track ‘BLUE’ was shared by the singer across his social media accounts. 


The video shows WONHO as a football star as his broad back, accentuated further with shoulder pads can be seen walking into a locker room. The number 21 jersey is worn by the soloist who is gearing up for his American football game. The scene moves to him sitting on a beach, skimming through a newspaper as his toned muscles are prominent even in the dim lighting. Changing into another jersey shirt, WONHO rests against one of the lockers.


The room lights up and all eyes follow WONHO who enters a classroom with fellow players, now in a varsity jacket. Lights flicker and he is the centre of attention once again as the football game begins on one side, while zones out at a party on the other. Both the situations going back and forth, it remains to see if WONHO will bring the game home in the ‘BLUE’ music video.



Previously, the tracklist was shared displaying 7 songs in the mini-album. Apart from the Korean and English versions of ‘BLUE’, ‘Intro: Seasons and Patterns’, ‘No Text No Call’, ‘Come Over Tonight’, ‘24/7’ and ‘Stranger’ will be a part of ‘Blue Letter’. WONHO has taken part in the creation of all tracks except the Intro, making fans excited for the release.



‘Blue Letter’ will be out in the world on September 14 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST).


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Anonymous : Wonho is great songwriter, composer, singer, and performer. Please listen BLUE !!
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Anonymous : He’s an AMAZING artist
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Anonymous : Wonho is a complete artist and certainly he will give us a memorable work.
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Anonymous : Wonho is coming!
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Anonymous : The teaser looks so cool
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Anonymous : Very excited to see the whole mv and hear the new album
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