From working with Song Hye Kyo to playing golf; Here’s everything about Sehun’s interview with Esquire

Updated on Jul 23, 2021 10:37 PM IST  |  218.1K
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EXO's Sehun: Courtesy News1

EXO’s Sehun interviewed with Esquire as the artist shot for a pictorial with the magazine. He talked about his upcoming drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ and revealed a little about his character, who is the son of the CEO of a fashion magazine called ‘THE ONE’. The story revolves around how his character meets the team leader, the character played by the super talented ‘Song Hye Kyo’. The character is similar to him in the sense that they both purposefully speak curtly to the people around them and sometimes act cute. 


While talking about his personal life, the 27-year-old rapper threw some light on his likes and dislikes. He told the magazine that he is eating Chinese ham and sumak chicken these days, showing that he takes care of his health well. Sehun also revealed his disinterest in wine, something people presume to be one of his likings by means of his personality and appearance.

While talking about his interest in sports, Sehun revealed that just recently, his dislike for golf changed into a liking. According to him, golf can be fun if one is able to hit the ball. He also told esquire about how his desire to win increased while playing with his friends when they would bet on who would pay for the game.

The rapper also thanked his fans for all the love and support they gave to EXO’s latest comeback ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’. Even though EXO could not promote the album to its best due to some reasons, the group successfully had a great comeback, something Sehun was deeply grateful for.


As the subject of performing came into the picture, Sehun revealed that performing as a group can be difficult due to the technicalities of choreographies and coordination. He said that performing is something that can never become something he is used to as every stage is different and every performance has its own meaning. Nevertheless, he still missed performing in front of his fans and how the audience would cheer while the band performed. 


Sehun wrapped up by saying that he wants a life in which his 40-year-old self can look back and thank the Sehun in his twenties for everything he did.


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