The World of the Married: Why we love Kim Hee ae’s feminine yet fierce style

We are looking back at Kim Hee-ae aka Dr. Ji Sun-Woo’s elegant yet boss-lady style in The World of the Married.
The World of the Married: Why we love Kim Hee ae’s style The World of the Married: Why we love Kim Hee ae’s feminine yet fierce style
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Back in May 2020, we were blessed with the K drama The World Of The Married, the show didn’t only cure our boredom in peak lockdown and pandemic, but also gave us the fashion fix we were so desperately seeking. While the fashion was what had our attention throughout the season, the show also featured superb writing, thrilling direction and a phenomenal plot. The show that is deemed as a total emotional roller coaster, its a love story of two heart-wrenching opposite. Korean actress Kim Hee-ae essaying the role of Dr. Ji Sun-Woo, a brilliant doctor and a wife, who is about to discover some gut-wrenching secrets about her frivolous husband. The show also acted as an avenue for Dr. Ji Sun-Woo’s undeniably daunting ensembles that we are absolutely besotted with. 


The details catered in the wardrobe department of the show are impeccable, and gives new meaning to the phrase “no details too small.” Kim Hee-ae shines bright as Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s in professional fits that exude the confidence and luxury the character comes from and lives with. On the other hand, Da Kyung’s played by Han So Hee’s wardrobe has been kept simple, understated with pastel ensembles that present a deeper significance portraying her naivety and sheltered upbringing. 


The 54-year-old actress takes centre stage in the show, truly giving meaning to the phrase “style knows no age.” Her boss-lady style and fearless confidence breathed life into the character and her persona. Dr. Ji rocks subtle and sleek silhouettes, extravagated by a bold addition of high fashion prints paired in striking colours that dominate the screen.


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