Yeo Jin Goo quips how one of his friends had no clue the actor was the voice of Young Sil when he saw Start Up

In a recent interview, Yeo Jin-goo spoke candidly about his voice cameo in Start-Up as the beloved AI speaker Young-sil revealing it to be a "fun experience."
Yeo Jin Goo quips how one of his friends had no clue the actor was the voice of Young Sil when he saw Start Up
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One of the heartwarming aspects of Start-Up which viewers adored was the inclusion of AI speaker Young-sil in Han Ji-pyeong's (Kim Seon-ho) life, who would predict the future events accurately rather than the actual weather outside. From the very first episode, fans were easily able to decipher as to who provided the deep baritone voiceover for Young-sil as it was none other than Hotel del Luna heartthrob Yeo Jin-goo.

In a recent interview for GQ Korea, Jin-goo spoke candidly about his cameo in Start-Up as Young-sil. "It was just a cameo, but it was a fun experience. A lot of the things that Young-sil said came back like foreshadowing, so first I would speak the lines robotically, like an AI speaker, and then I’d try to say it as if I was predicting the future," the 23-year-old actor shared, via Soompi. Jin-goo had earlier worked with Start-Up director Oh Choong-hwan in Hotel del Luna and confessed how the latter initially wanted to keep it a secret that the popular actor was voicing Young-sil.

However, Jin-goo noted how a lot of people knew instantly that it was him while there were also people who were one step behind and were surprised to find out that it was his voice. Furthermore, Jin-goo quipped how one close friend who actually watched Start-Up from start to finish and yet, didn't know it was him until he appeared onscreen in the final episode as Hong Ji-seok.

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Meanwhile, Jin-goo will next be seen in JTBC's upcoming drama Beyond Evil alongside Shin Ha-kyun, which is slated to premiere on February 19.