Yeo Jin Goo is on a relentless quest for truth as the tension amplifies in Beyond Evil's gripping new teaser

Beyond Evil's new teaser threatens to open Pandora's box as Yeo Jin Goo is on a persistent pursuit to uncover the truth in Shin Ha Kyun's mysterious village.
Yeo Jin Goo plays a detective while Shin Ha Kyun plays a sergeant in Beyond Evil. Yeo Jin Goo is on a relentless quest for truth as the tension amplifies in Beyond Evil's gripping new teaser
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Yeo Jin Goo's much-anticipated drama comeback Beyond Evil promises a lot of mystery and drama. Yeo Jin Goo as Han Joo Won and Shin Ha Kyun as Lee Dong Shik play a detective-sergeant duo who don't get along but are assigned to catch a serial killer on the run. The drama is said to be an intense and unpredictable psychological thriller as the two conflicting partners are in the cold pursuit of truth and justice.

JTBC dropped a new teaser of the drama. The teaser, which plays out like a black comedy opens with a vast expanse of lush green fields. Han Joo Won is standing there all alone. In the background, Lee Dong Shik's voice says “Here, there are no secrets. Somewhere, someone is watching everything," via Soompi's translation. In the next couple of shots, we are introduced to a grim-looking Han Joo Won watches a smiling Lee Dong Shik. A text flashes on the screen: “Who is the monster among us?” as we are introduced to the natives of Manyang village, further mystifying things.

In the next couple of scenes, we are introduced to the key cast of the show. We are introduced to the police chief Nam Sang Bae (Chun Ho Jin), Oh Ji Wa (Kim Shin Rok) who graduated from the same school as Lee Dong Shik, Manyang’s butcher Yoo Jae Yi (Choi Sung Eun), and Park Jung Je (Choi Dae Hoon), who shows Han Joo Won a strange drawing.

In the next couple of sequences, we can see Yoo Jae Yi throw an egg on Han Joo Won and yelling, "Open up," as Lee Dong Shik's voice over guides us through the mystifying teaser, “Whatever happens in here, we should settle in here. We can’t bear to have someone come in and look down on us. We first protect them and then see. That’s the Manyang people.”

Lee Dong Shik, who we mostly meet through his voice, seems to be harboring dark secrets of his own. The teaser ends with Han Joo Won coming face to face with Lee Dong Shik. He asks “Who killed them?”

The teaser certainly leaves viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. What is Han Joo Won's secret? What is Lee Dong Shik hiding? Why are the residents of the Manyang village so mysterious?

You can watch the gripping teaser below:

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Beyond Evil will premiere on February 19 at 11 pm KST.

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