Yeo Jin Goo's Beyond Evil achieves an incredible 5.2% ratings; Fans call it the perfect psychological thriller

The first episode of Beyond Evil was an incredible success. Here's everything that happened and everything we anticipate.
Yeo Jin Goo's Beyond Evil achieves an incredible 5.2% ratings; Fans call it the perfect psychological thriller
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From the very first episode of Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun's Beyond Evil, viewers have been bewitched with the intense synergy of the two actors, the atmosphere of a psychological thriller of the best kind and the mystery that has been set up right from the get go. The drama is a story about two men who defy the law and do whatever it takes to bring down a serial killer. Yeo Jin Goo plays Detective Han Joo Won who is transferred to a small police substation in a peaceful town. His father is also an elite detective and holds high chances of becoming the chief of the National Police Agency. However, Joo Woon has a dark secret he holds deep inside. His partner Lee Dong Sik (played by Shin Ha Kyun) used to be a highly competent detective but now he lives a quiet life in the small town. However, their peace is threatened when a serial killer returns after 20 years. The viewership rating for the first episode was 4.5% nationwide and 5.2% in the metropolitan area, according to Nielsen Korea, indicating a pleasant start. 

Both Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won conceal their true selves and engage in a manhunt to bring down the serial killer. The continuous back and forth between the past and the present is also eye-catching in a way that grabs your attention and never lets go. Both the characters pursue the truth but they have vastly different methods of doing so. In the episode, Lee Dong-Sik, who became a police officer from a murder suspect, and Han Joo-won, an elite detective who came down to Manyang with a secret, were engaged in a fierce search. The two men, who never stop their vigilance and provocation against each other, face a shocking incident. It is the discovery of a corpse in the same way as 20 years ago. The unexpected reaction of the two men facing the body further heightened the mystery. Han Joo-won, who thought of someone while looking at the ring on the corpse's finger and Lee Dong-sik's strange smile when asked by Han Joo-won if he had killed his younger sister was enough to bring on goosebumps. 

The latest stills released in anticipation of episode 2 show both the characters attempting to figure each other out. There is visible confusion and confrontation right from the start and it will be exciting to see how this drama continues.

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Anonymous 15 hours ago

i watch this drama and it was really interesting at all been waiting of ep5

Anonymous 1 week ago

Thanks for the article, I'm interested, but can you please tell us where we might be able to watch it?

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I love K drama , I have favorites.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed K drama so much , that I watch it over n over while waiting for new ones to come showing in Netflix or Prime video . Pls. Next time you let us know the movie. Tell us where we can catch it too .

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Doesn't matter... Just loved both actors..good job..

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Stop exaggerating facts! Ep1 got 4.4% which dropped to 3.948% in EP2. These numbers are NOT an incredible success!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

yes try to watch it, you can't regret it

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

There are 2 others drama that just started on that Saturday. Things is..what kind of drama you are looking for., I don't like back to the future kind of drama, I like beyond evil because it's police psychological drama and they both are so good in this. Give it a try and you will like it.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Is it a good drama?