Yoo In Na reveals all about her upcoming film; starring in Snowdrop alongside BLACKPINK Jisoo and more

Actress Yo In Na opens up her future projects, her friendship with IU, finding true happiness in little things and more!
Snowdrop,IU,Yoo In Na Yoo In Na reveals all about her upcoming film; starring in Snowdrop alongside BLACKPINK Jisoo and more
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In an interview with W Korea, actress Yoo In Na shared details about her upcoming film ‘New Year Blues’, her drama ‘Snowdrop’ as well as her resolutions for 2021 and we can’t stop gushing about how adorable she is.

Speaking of ‘New Year Blues’, Yoo In Na mentioned that this new year, she is going to try minimalist living and reduce clutter in her home. Yoo In Na plays Hyo Young in New Year Blues alongside Kim Kang Woo and the film explores relationships of 4 central couples who navigate their love lives with respect to the new year’s time. Hyo Young is a quieter character in comparison to the bright and lively characters that Yoo In Na is known for playing but she revealed that she wanted to take on such a character for the challenge.

About ‘Snowdrop’, Yoo In Na revealed that the script is very well-knit and the stories of all the different characters come together coherently in a beautiful manner. In Snowdrop, Yoo In Na will be playing a surgeon, Kang Chung Ya who is both unbelievably charming as well as incomparably intelligent.

With ‘Goblin’ being one of her most successful works, Yoo In Na also elaborated upon how hard she worked to play Sunny (her character in Goblin) and well as bring out her charms with a unique style of talking. Admittedly, she also received compliments for the same from her co-stars, especially Gong Yoo.

When asked about her friendship with IU, Yoo In Na shared that they are a perfect pair because they’re exactly 50% similar to each other and 50% different which is why they complement each other so well.

Entering her 40s ever so gracefully, Yoo In Na finally opened up about having matured enough to find happiness in the little things.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

I hope you have news about Jisoo

Anonymous 3 months ago

Can’t believe she’s 40

Anonymous 3 months ago

We both have the same birthday date , 5 June

Anonymous 3 months ago

Yoo In-na still dazzling at 40.

Anonymous 3 months ago

She’s 40?!