Yoon Kye Sang and Go Ah Sung’s thriller drama ‘Crime Puzzle’: Here’s what we know

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Yoon Kye Sang, Go Ah Sung
Yoon Kye Sang, Go Ah Sung; Picture Courtesy: News1

'Crime Puzzle' is a thriller in pursuit of the truth between a criminal psychologist Han Seung min (Yoon Kye-sang), who confesses to murder, and his ex-lover and detective Yu-hee (Go Ah Seong), a detective who investigates the background of the case as an investigator. The story of Han Seung-min, who is imprisoned in prison, and Yu-hee's pursuit of the truth in chasing a mysterious murder case, creates suspense and maximizes the pleasure of the genre.

Director Kim Sang-hoon, who was well-received for directing the drama 'Tell Me What You Saw', and writer Choi Jong-gil, who showed great narrative power through the movie 'The Opposition Army', collaborated. Above all, the combination of actors Yoon Kye-sang and Go Ah Seong as well as 'Genre Optimization' raises expectations.

Yoon Kye-sang takes on the role of Han Seung-min, a criminal psychologist who is imprisoned in prison after killing Yoo Hong-min, the father of his lover Yu-hee and influential politician. Han Seung-min, who has a genius brain that can see through events, is a person who hides a rough and hot side behind a cynical face. It raises the question of why he, who lived a perfect life, throws himself into a fiery hell and fights a terrible and desperate battle. From the fierce brain battle in prison to the gruelling hand-to-hand battle to survive, expectations are high for Yoon Kye-sang's extraordinary transformation.

Go Ah Seong, who is returning to the drama after three years of being loved after the much-loved 'Life on Mars', takes on the role of Yu-hee, an elite detective with sharp intuition. A character who tenaciously digs into the truth hidden behind the incident in the extreme chaos that shakes his entire life. Go Ah Seong, who has imprinted his presence with his own colour in each work, writes another life character with deeper and stronger acting. A tragic lover who foreshadows an inevitable confrontation as a detective and a murderer who killed her father. We look forward to the performance of key player Yu-hee, who approaches the truth of the incident on a board where truth and lies are mixed.

'Crime Puzzle' will be released on Olleh TV and OTT Seezn in October.

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