You Season 3: Showrunner Sera Gamble TEASES fans with a picture of the script saying 'getting closer'

You's showrunner Sera Gamble in her recent post shared a picture of the script of the show's third season, teasing fans ahead of its release.
Sera Gamble teases You's third season's production You Season 3: Showrunner Sera Gamble TEASES fans with a picture of the script saying 'getting closer'
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Penn Badgley's Netflix series You created a lot of buzz since the release of its first season on Netflix in 2019. The show followed up its success with the second season and after ending on a cliffhanger, has fans waiting with bated breaths for its third season to arrive. To induce more excitement about the show as fans await its new season to drop, showrunner Sera Gamble recently shared an Instagram post that can be considered as a major update for the show.

Gamble teased how the next season is "getting close" to begin its production soon as she shared a picture of the script for the third season's tenth episode. This update was enough for fans to get thrilled about the arrival of the new season. The show starring Badgley and Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn left us on a cliffhanger in the season two finale, where Penn's Joe seemed to have found his new target.

The second season also saw Joe and Love moving to a suburban neighbourhood in California after the latter announced being pregnant. Considering the show's theme, this Joe and Love relationship isn't going to be a rosy one and there's definitely a twist in the tale.

Check out Sera Gamble's post here:



A post shared by Sera Gamble (@seragamble)

As for the ending of the second season, many fans have also speculated that Joe's mother's character may be the new character reveal for the third season. The show has generated several fan theories since its beginning. There hasn't been an announcement about when the third season of You will drop, but with Gamble's new post, we can be certain that the show's production is certainly underway.

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