Yumi’s Cells Ep 11 & 12: Kim Go Eun pops the question to Ahn Bo Hyun, what will he say?

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'Yumi's Cells' character posters
'Yumi's Cells' character posters : courtesy of TVING

As we come towards the end of ‘Yumi’s Cells’, we are faced with the question of ‘What does this drama aim for?’ It’s simple, a slice of the minds of two people in love is presented in the form of their adorable cells that have been meticulously designed. However external factors make for hurdles in their seemingly simple relationship.


Yumi finds out that the lie Woong told her was that he was now broke and sleeping in his office to save on cash. Even as his colleague insists to call back Saeyi, Woong persists in the cold not wanting to run to Yumi for help. Now with his secret out in the open, a crying Yumi convinces Woong to move to her house.


Tidying and organising as his hobby, Woong finds happiness in cleaning up the unkempt house as Yumi falls deeper for the man, desperately wanting to propose him for marriage but stalls knowing his hesitance. 


It’s Woong’s birthday and Yumi has planned for a surprise party hiding in the closet, Woong however ends up presenting a gift of his own to his girlfriend for her first day at the new workplace. Moved and melted, Yumi blurts out, “Should we get married?”, stunning Woong.


The 12th episode draws in and Woong is still speechless. His cells are thinking about his unstable financial state and Yumi takes it as a rejection. A dejected Yumi ends up at a coffee shop where she unknowingly stumbles on Yoo Bobby’s girlfriend breaking up with him.


New peers in the marketing department, Yumi and Bobby are paired up unwantedly by fellow employees of the department. A coincidence has them all drinking till the wee hours and Woong falls asleep. He spots Yumi and Bobby having a deep and secretive conversation but has no energy to stay awake.


The story of the night before takes an unexpected turn when a caring Woong ends up exchanging jackets with Bobby instead of handing it to Yumi out of jealousy. The two men run into each other more often and Woong finds it embarrassing to not have his own place to live in front of a handsome and successful Bobby. Yumi takes it is because he doesn’t want to marry her.


A new problem stands in front of the couple. What will they do now?


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