Yumi’s Cells Ep 13 & 14: Kim Go Eun & Ahn Bo Hyun have their own breakup cards, who will go first?

Published on Nov 02, 2021 06:59 PM IST  |  344.6K
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Yumi’s Cells’ opened to the last episode of its run for this season. There’s trouble in paradise for Yumi and Woong who have the impending doom of their relationship on them. 


Woong is adamant about moving out for his pride’s sake and ends up breaking Yumi’s expensive table. Resolute to restore things, Woong borrows money from his friends just so he can buy the table for her even when she refuses to take the money knowing his situation.


With a friend’s wedding coming up, Yumi asks if she should accompany Woong. He checks with Saeyi, once again displaying the sore distrust in their relationship, and takes Yumi along. At the wedding, Woong’s ex-classmates discuss their student days and Yumi eavesdrops. She overhears them hinting at Woong’s liking of Saeyi and is heartbroken.


The two hop eateries without having much at any much to Yumi’s disappointment. Looking at the hesitance in her own mind, Yumi decides to throw the ‘Breakup Card’ at him. Her heart weakens and she mentions taking time off to collect their thoughts. 


However, Woong’s cells reach an emergency stage as his priority list places someone other than himself at the No.1 spot, Yumi.


With their almost separation, Yumi must now keep her mind occupied with work. She tries to find comfort in friends and colleagues but refrains from revealing too much.


The thread between the two keeps getting thinner as Yumi is faced with the struggle of living alone once again. Thinking back to the past, she has always been lonely in the absence of a person she is dating.


Even after visiting her parents’ place, Yumi is lonely and wishes to call up Woong who is also contemplating the same. Yumi dreams of her own cell village, coming across the famed bulletin board.


As she writes down her wish for a happy end with Woong, her cell arrives and reminds her that there is no Leading Man in her story. It’s only she herself who has to survive to the end.


Each person has a card, so does Ugi who finally decides to reject Ruby’s advancements. Yumi proceeds for her own closure with Woong and carries her own 2 cards. The two catch up and a lot seem to have changed in their lives. Woong finally reveals his own card as ‘End of relationship’. Wanting to cling on, Yumi’s Pride cell takes charge by throwing out her own ‘Breakup Card’. 


In this way, Yum’s third official relationship comes to an end after 1 year, 1 month, and 4 days.


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