Yumi’s Cells Ep 3 & 4 Review: Yumi and Goo Woong go from confused to much more in a span of two dates

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Breaking through an awkwardly laughing Yumi, the third episode of ‘Yumi’s Cells’ continues with her date with Goo Woong as the notorious cells seem to develop a liking towards the guy. Enter Hunger, who is more than ready to throw hands and bleep a pipe if needed, the date proceeds to a homely meals eatery as Yumi and Goo Woong find similarities in each other. 

When their hands meet on wanting to pay for the meal, Yumi’s cells fly off the ground literally in commemoration. The two move to a frog festival and on a chance to get the maximum possible discount, Yumi announces them to be a couple making Goo Woong’s heart flutter. Ruby is back in a picture as she spots Yumi’s social media post. Goo Woong compliments Yumi by calling her cute, and the cells are delighted once again, but the happiness is short-lived as Hysterius takes over declaring the death of Yumi’s Love cell. The feeling down lever is pulled calling an end to the date. 

Goo Woong is perplexed but follows along dropping Yumi a text to ask if she has arrived but Hysterius has a mind of his own spreading his terror in the cell village. Hunger gets his appetite torn off and the world turns black for the cells quivering in fear. On the other hand, Goo Woong is contemplating the reason behind Yumi’s lack of reply, deciding to shave off his beard that netizens claim to be dirty. 


A pestering Ruby brings Yumi to the end of her wits as stress takes over. She blurts out words of anger at Ruby, getting rained on as Goo Woong makes a starry appearance, shading her and bringing the episode to an end.


The fourth episode begins with Goo Woong escorting an unwell Yumi to a bus stand where they are unable to find any taxis nearby. Yumi faints launching Goo Woong’s cells to an emergency mode as he bridal style carries her to a nearby hospital, getting drenched by himself. Claiming to be her guardian, Goo Woong rushes off to buy her some clothes. A frog cell knocks on Yumi’s cells, disguised and adorable, entering the land helping it flourish again. Only later it is revealed to be Goo Woong’s Love cell making its way to Yumi’s heart as she asks him for another date.


The cells watch a showreel of the day’s delightful events on a projector as the Bulletin cell gets to work, noting the events of the day. On the other hand, Sae Yi, Goo Woong’s colleague is hitting on him but is met with iron wall defense.


The day of the second date arrives as Yumi’s fashion cell takes over, making her buy a dress. With splattered coffee, Goo Woong takes her to his house lending her clothes. As the day goes by they get closer, as they end up in an embrace and finally a sweet kiss.


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