Yumi’s Cells Ep 5 & 6 Review: Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun play push and pull, who will win?

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Stills from 'Yumi's Cells'
Stills from 'Yumi's Cells' : courtesy of TVING

‘Knock, knock’, it’s the love cell. Not Yumi’s but Goo Woong’s, who has come in front of Yumi’s cell village. As the two love cells have met, they sail, quite literally. But his time to return arrives sooner rather than later as a wormhole opens when the two owners touch lips.


Yumi and Woong are dating, yes, already! When the last episode ended with a sweet embrace and an even sweeter kiss, we expected the two to continue their gooey nervous period for a little longer but here they were, arm in arm, spending all their time together, skipping over the world.


Yumi soon tricks Woong into running a marathon with her as they laze around in a café. Looking at the world with rose-tinted glasses seems easy but suspicion clicks in as Yumi learns Woong’s colleague and business partner is a woman named Saeyi, different from earlier when she thought it was a man.


The cells run a debate to decide if boys and girls can only be friends when Emotion overruns every argument with anger. The two end up in Woong’s house where the troublesome yuzu tea makes its entrance. ‘Who is it from?’ ‘surely not Saeyi’ and more pressing thoughts run through Yumi’s mind, annoying her enough to do a social media check on Saeyi. And there it is, the infamous yuzu tea, handmade by Saeyi. Yumi’s thoughts further run wild even further as Woong refuses to admit the owner. Intuition swiftly returns murking Yumi’s brain. 


As a prettily dressed-up Yumi cannot get ‘yuzu’ to leave her alone, a heart-filled wish from Woong cheers her up. An important scene appears where Yumi clicks all the photos of her dinner with Woong, making us believe that she will post it on her own social media just to feel a weird sense of accomplishment on boasting her love life.


Woong has Yumi fooled by hiding a portable charger in a box within a box as a gift. The excitement dies down only to be fired up as a petite necklace is revealed under it. It’s short-lived happiness for Yumi who has to follow Woong to his workplace and prepare to meet Saeyi. The two lock horns right from the get-go trying to prove their closeness to Woong. Saeyi seems to have the upper hand as she reveals to have chosen the gift.


Yumi is furious as she leaves the office without informing Woong and the two quarrel with Yumi hanging up abruptly, throwing mean words at him. Will their love come to end already?


The sixth episode shows a recap as Woong has come up to Yumi’s house after being unable to reach it. Dodging questions and curt answers, the male cells are worried if the two will break up. 

But Yumi, she laughs. Dispersing the tension the two turn up at Yumi’s house. Another problem awaits, Woong’s Intestine cell acts up causing a stomachache. In the midst of a worried and embarrassed boy and the girl who wants to blow candles, the date turns downhill.


Instead of finding it peculiar, Yumi helps Woong feel better and the two doze off. The next morning a trip is planned to the beach and the cells have a field day. Yumi’s travel cell has been buried 6 feet under after being not used since a Phuket vacation 2 years ago. Plans from everyone are being noted down as everyone wishes to for a romantic time.


Yumi has been handed the job to book a room as Woong proceeds to a meeting. Anxious Yumi has her work cut out for her with only one room still available, a glass door one. In a hurry to not miss out on a view, she screams into the phone.


Woong arrives in a swanky car, and the two are off to a lovey-dovey time at the hotel. With a cancellation impossible, Etiquette blaring her voice down her ears, Yumi chooses to not tell Woong who despises the room and proceeds to file a customer complaint against the hotel staff.


Trying her best to hide her fault, the call recording is disclosed with Yumi’s scream for the glass room startling everyone. An embarrassed Yumi is finding reasons to save face, calling out Woong’s ‘uncomfortable situation’ at her house. His King Sullen cell makes a grand entrance deciding to be pissed off at the wrong time.


Yumi and Woong, both angry, decide to cancel their reservation. While Yumi is off to collect the bags, on their way back, Woong convinces himself to stay calm and return to the room. All’s well that ends well with the two back in each other’s arms.


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