AbRam’s special appearance in HNY will make you go ‘awww’

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Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest kid AbRam Khan making a cameo appearance in “Happy New Year” became the talk of the town. And for all those who haven’t seen the movie yet, here is a glimpse of the young rockstar.

In this video, you can see him moving to the Punjbai beats. But what completes the frame is when dad SRK joins and the father-son duo get engaged in a head shake.

AbRam is really a very cute kid. Not saying this because he is SRK’s son, but see the video and even you will go ‘awww’.

Directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan, “Happy New Year” also features Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Jackie Shroff and Vivaan Shah.

Watch AbRam dance with dad SRK here.

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Can we not about the baby and instead talk about the miserable movie they have made yet again...And, hats off too all the people who had the audacity to go and watch one of the worst movies...

TT Baby,,,,,too amazing

Gorgeous baby. Gorgeous man. Love SRK and mini SRK.

I wish i was married to SRK, and i had a baby like abram. Gauri is the luckiest woman on the planet. UGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

I'm not a baby person, and normally i'm not bothered by babies, but AbRam is adorable. I can't stop watching that little clip....but i think it has more to do with me wanting SRK. AbRam looks like a little doll. If AbRam needs a babysitter, then i'm free...and if SRK happens to be there...ALL THE BETTER!!!!

When AbRam kisses SRK, and then SRK picks up AbRam and kisses him back, that is the cutest thing EVER! SRK looks super hot and sexy thoughout HNY, especially his 8 pack, and then he was sooo sweet playing with AbRam in the end credits. Seriously, my hormones are going all over the place.


Awww. I want Abram. I should be with SRK, and i should be abrams mom. It's not fair.

Hello Priyanka!

I want a baby now :(

Oh please there are millions of kids who are cute and Abram is just one of them. Why is he given star status at this young age? PV please post.

my God what a lucky kid to have a cool dad like SRK! Look at him shaking his head along with AbRam..fun!!!

shoo sweet!! I wanna kiss those big eyes when he is tapping on his head and looking around!

A very good looking boy! Super cute.

Everyday a post is made on this topic,just excuses to post more pictures of this gorgeous lil' prince. And look at how much charisma & natural screen presence he has. After all he is Bollywood royalty♥

Super duper adorable!

A very beautiful baby. Bless him and his father. Such a heart warming video.

Toooooooo cute!!!

Enough using this baby to promote HNY!

Jesus how often do want to show this? One could think the whole movie exists only because of this one scene. Yeah for sure it does´nt matter how many not related scene you put in the movie it don´t becomes better.

Like dad, whith energy and smiling!

The movie was God awful and this thing at the end is just cringeworthy.

And yet people are going gaga over a boy. I agree with you!!

yeaaah, king of the dancefloor, this baby! #swag #poppinbottles #milkbottles

aww!!!! Just look at the how he is hitting his head looking up and front!! He is truly a gorgeous child!

It is my favorite part!!:D He looks so beautiful looking around!

too cute omg

SRK kissing his beautiful son! What a sight! He looks a doll!XO

he is soooo beautiful! Looking quite smart and charming already! When he looks up!! Such stunning eyes!!

Too cute for words!

Awww sooo cuteee :) He dances well haha!!

Super cute.

My heart just melt!!! He looks like a gorgeous toy!!XX

OMG!!!! He is damn beautiful!!! Masha allah.

This video was on social media from the day movie was released. So cuteeeeee.

hihi super cute..

Hehe, really cute. But this lil bundle of joy is much older then 16 months! For whatever reason they fool us!

I usually hate to use this line and find it overrated but really...GET A LIFE.

yeah he is 17 months old and you have a counting issue

AbRam was born in May 2013 that makes him 16 months. Small babaies when they get attention and time from their family they are becoming very sharp and they do response to music and dance too. 12 Month baby can do what Abram did.
Abram is cute and stealing the show.


awwwwwwwwwwwwww :')

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