Actresses were calling Farah for the role: Deepika

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Deepika Padukone revealed that other actresses were calling director Farah Khan to get the leading role in "Happy New Year".

When asked about how she was signed for the film, Padukone said, “Apparently, everyone was calling her (Farah) and telling her that they want to do the movie. I never want to step on someone’s toes. She is Maa for me. I never go to a director and say ‘I want to do your movie’ and apparently, other people were doing that. Farah was wondering why I wasn’t picking up the phone and expressing my desire to do the film. Basically, we both kept talking about ‘Happy New Year’ and would ask each other ‘So, what’s happening?’"

“Then finally one day I put ‘Even Czar is asking, who is the heroine of Happy New Year?’ as my BBM status," said Farah Khan.

“Then Shah Rukh asked me if I want to do the film. I told him ‘I can’t believe you guys took so long’," added Deepika.

“Happy New Year” released in theatres today, Friday. It also features Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

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i dont like when people show off too much be more real deepika

deepika should work harder in her films rather than giving such statements

Ha ha ha and there PC is writing 'great love and great achievements comes with great sacrifices'. Oh god this is hilarious!

wake up deepika n stop being dillussional in your career due to ego n jealousy ok

Some hater said, Priyanka was 1st choice not Deepika, and Aishwarya was approached for another role in HNY. Huh what a bad joke yaar. First of all There's only one heroines role not two, actually Aishwarya was the 1st Choice but due to weight issues then later Deepika was chosen because of her closeness to SRK n Chennai Express's Success. Priyanka was never in the picture, Gauri Khan made it clear that SRK can't work with Priyanka ever, just like her friend Twinkle did with Akshay, because of her open to do anything attitude towards male heros

havent u seen n don 2 which both srk n priyanka werent doing a romantic movie but their chemistry sizzled perfectly as they will work when they get the appropriate script n all these rumours about gauri n srk are baseless n priyanka's aim is not only to work with srk yet soon they will work in a great film when they get cast

havent u seen n don 2 which both srk n priyanka werent doing a romantic movie but their chemistry sizzled perfectly as they will work when they get the appropriate script n all these rumours abour gauri n srk are baseless n priyanka's aim is not only to work with srk yet soon they will work in a great film when they get cast

Some hater said, Priyanka was 1st choice not Deepika, and Aishwarya was approached for another role in HNY. Huh what a bad joke yaar. First of all There's only one heroines role not two, actually Aishwarya was the 1st Choice but due to weight issues then later Deepika was chosen because of her closeness to SRK n Chennai Express's Success. Priyanka was never in the picture, Gauri Khan made it clear that SRK can't work with Priyanka ever, just like her friend Twinkle did with Akshay, because of her characterless ness.

deepika seems at serious race with priyanka, after being all so dissapointed that she didnt got to do Mary kom just because she comes from a sports background and had such an amazing story, she now says this? even though i'm a kat fan and not really any other actresses fan i know damn well that priyanka was the first and ultimate choice for this movie. until everyone walked out or rejected it even aishwarya in another role, it was then deepika who was left and had dates, she's such a liar! she's THE ONLY one who kept calling farah and planted stories of throwing her name in it, each time they production house made it clear that either priyanka or katrina were going to get cast, she sended her food is she doing turning this all around? just because no one even realizes she's in the movie? or because entire b-town actresses were approached until it got to her? you are not longer the no.1 actress deepika and this is not 2013 we're about to enter 2015 and you've been falling behind litterally!!#delusional

She is extremely comfortable with SRK and Farah and it shows onscreen.


such statement doesn't suit her, given she reached stardom only by chance and not talent.

Likewise our very own Aunty kareena and expressionless katrina

OK, Every actress says this in some way or other and accept it or not, DP is the no 1 actress today so the hate comments should stop.
Kareena is shamelessly proud of all her flop films whereas Katrina thinks her films work only because of her so I dont understand why so much hate for DP

I'm sure after seeing the movie they thank God that Farah didn't accept them. Loooool

An English man will say, IRONY

When Kareena, Katrina makes positive statements about themselves its confidence but when Deepika does the same its arrogance? Some people are plain hypocrites and just jealous

1 thing is for sure deepika is extremeley jealous of Priyanka and Katrina. they are rising and she's falling hard. their films are doing very well, while she had 2 back to back flops and a 15 min role in a srk strarrer where abhishek shines even more than her. i hope she doesnt go gaga on PC and SLB now that he has rewritten the role for his muse, signing her for his next, her chemistry with ranveer and the fact that the entire industry promoted her multistarrer and yet MK dominated and became semi-hit while hers become a total washout. katrina well we know why and also coz she doesnt care for what you say about her. you see deepika, the public makes you and there's no "queen" in bollywood only ruler of a year it keeps changing and trust the public :you are NOT it this year.

Jealous hater , Deepika has Piku, BM , Tamasha, next with Varun Dhawan, Shuddhi/Sultan with Salman . All you can do is cry and burnnn

haha so?...both kat and PC have a lot coming up too plus will sign some others, even you know she's jealous of them that's why you cant even comment properley and go talk about something else. even when u talk movies she's given back to back flops. nobody is crying or buring except for deepika and her insecure fans. i guess you've missed the jealousy comment earlier made on page 2 where it has 150+ likes, you are a day too late and your comment is also a year too late, she's fallin and even she knows it and her comment, yours, and the 2 min fame.bye.

your bitterness is so unbecoming, why cant people accept that she has done well and is doing well . She is at the top now whether you are in denial or not , doesnt matter one whit . She may have done a film with big hero but so have Kareena and Katrina who had only 2 minute role in Dhoom3 and 10 minutes in bang bang but still took credit for it , atleast deepika has proved her acting abilities and is signing performance oriented films too

Vidya is smartest of lot because she is highly qualified too. Even Kat is smart but then her first language is English that's an added advantage. Rest are just high headed bimbos all of them talk like unpadh! Right from so called ' royal blooded 'Kareena to 'Foreign educated 'Pc all of them are delusional bunch. Just imagine Ann Hathaway making such statements. When on earth this bollywood heroines will learn professionalism. After Sri and Mad I think there is not a single actress whom you can call thorough professionals. This is plain stupid and please don't give lame excuses for it.

Deepika looked very bad in HNY! She doesn't have the sex appeal that katrina has! She should thank SRK for making it blockbuster!
P.S- Movie was total crap!

The only thing i liked about HNY is GAURI KHAN'S appearance! She was looking damn hot man! :*

Thank god deepika was there in HNY only for the songs, but still Deepika's 2 mins acting in HNY gave me a heart attack! Deepika please stop acting! Farah's direction + Deepika's acting= LOL! Both of you should retire!

There is absolutely nothing wrong in what she said and she said it infront of Farah who didn't deny it or have a problem with it either! Y'all are just bitter haters of her success! Well she always has No.1 posts on PV so thanks for that! DP & her fans rock, the rest of you go lick your wounds! You can't stop this girl! She has God on her side!

Honest observation: the only time dP posts reach no 1 is when there aren't any katrina posts..

That's not true, nor is that relevant because the same can be said about anyone, there are always posts reaching number one, be it Katrina, Deepika or Kareena. The point is, Deepika posts always get to the no.1 spot. WHY do people always think everything is a competition. Can't someone praise their fav artist without someone throwing in their own fav. artist's name into the conversation. Gosh! That's the definition of insecurity.

I never expected Deepika to make such a statement...I'll call it ego...doesn't look nice on her. I always loved her for her beauty, talent and assumed she's a down-to earth kind of person. Anyway, sometimes popularity gets to people...still love her. Others out there will even beg to act with SRK (the king of cinema).

Ha ha ha I am laughing so hard. Whenever miss Pad opens her mouth it cracks me up. Actually the interview was in English and miss Pad always select wrong references to prove her point. That's the reason many people find her rude or proudy. She is praising Farah that every top heroine wanted to work with her. In short Farah is in great demand. Then next she was trying to prove that I am a good person unfortunately again she selected wrong words. Ha ha ha poor Deepu now everybody is tearing her apart. She is not smart like Kat. Kat knows how to use words carefully.kat also insults people but in nice way. Some times people take 3 weeks to understand her insults!

am bigtime deepika fan till now, watched HNY for her only... but i must say the downfall may start or has started, to top up the debacle she is badmouthing , I cant recollect even REKHA said anything bad about contemporeries.. she is not an ounce of rekha

If it makes all you jealous haters feel better.... I suppose it's ok.

WE all get agitated and worked up over a remark or two that have been wrung out of someone and used without the full context. We need to chill people. We never know the sentence that led to this sort of remark. We'll never know.

Guys, check out the Mumbai Boss, the Vigil Idiot review of HNY, it's hilarious. The guy ripped the movie apart and correctly so as he pointed out all the errors in this movie. Luckily, I saved my money and did not watch crap movie called HNY.

OMG THE REVIEW IS HILARIOUS! Probably funnier than the movie itself.

Ohh why ohhh why deepika they Took sooooo much Time mhhhmm....??? LOL she is soooo dumb? She is insulting herself in Public!

About which role is she Talking??? LOL embarrassing Moment! Miss Show piece! #Attentionseeker!

Yeah, she's full of it. Staying humble is a sign of intelligence and we all know Deeps is not the brightest cookie in the jar.

Kareena, Sonam and now Deepika with her WTF statements. Is this a trend now? :) Even Alia Bhatt sounds more sensible than these now. The 15 mins role you did wasn't even special to begin with. Yes, it will give her another hit to stay on the top when it comes to the box office (after all its a SRK film) but when it comes to acting, then she will get a 4/10 from me. Commercial films do not mean you become an eye candy there. When I remember Sholay, the first image that pops to my mind is Hema Malini as Basanti. It is sad how commercial films mean fancy clothes, item songs, some cheesy dialogues that do not make any sense, an illogical plot that doesn't go anywhere and oh..a SUPERSTAR to save all of your ass.

P.S - Commercial films weren't like this at all back then in BW. In fact, its those commercial films back in those days that made Bollywood what it is. It had real craft. Even Om Shanti Om was an entertaining film which had a lot more to offer us than HNY.

I guess it is all about how just one particular remark is taken out of a whole interview is perceived. So many readers, so many fans, so many haters and each one of these have comments. This has been done on in the past with people before her and will continue with people after her. She is doing her work and getting on with her life I suppose!

#1 post!

She makes it sound like its a shameful thing other actresses were asking for the role. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - shows initiative. Shes getting a bit of an ego.

Haters gonna Hate!!! No one is better than Deepika. Deepika can fit into any role be it that of a Maharashtrain girl or a South Indian girl or a North Indian girl or an East Indian girl with ease.

Lol thankfully you didn't say European, African, middle eastern and Martian. Bus ussi ki kami thi :p I'd like her to play something like fantine from les miserables. Acting is not a measurement of fitting into roles. It's about performing. Let DP pull an Anne Hathaway, do stuff like Rachel getting married, the devil wears prada, cat woman, and les miserable back to back. Then we'll talk about her ability to fit in.

Well considering Happy New Year's success, no surprise if others wanted the role too. Plus it is a well known fact that all actresses want to work in a SRK movie.

Let me pop your bubble DP, no one wanted this movie except for you. Congratulations to you for your 15 minute role :)

The fifteen minute role was Katrina, no? Actually it was a five-minute role.

That's crazy talk, what is she saying? That it's bad to be ambitious and to hear or read of a role that you would like to work in and apply for the job? Or express interest in the position? This is WORK - if I like something and I want to be a part of the project I would talk to the director or producers, why wouldn't you? It doesn't make it "beneath" you to ask for work. I hate when actresses say this - Priyanka, Aishwarya and now Deepika have all said that they don't go looking for work, that everything they've had has come to them. Shut up! That just shows that you have a giant ego, that you are only getting these roles because of your looks while other people have to work hard for it and that you're lazy.

ha ha it flopped dear and you have given 3 flops in a row actually 2 flops and 1 disaster kochadiyan, so please spare us and leave hindi industry, we don't want you.

u cant be so mean would u want anyone else to say that to ur favourite actress i admit she is being quite insecure or arrogant here but dont talk like that n hope deepika improves in her acting more than making such statements

she's so full of herself. what goes up must come down

What is with her and these WTF statements? Bring it down a notch.

deepika must know what she is speaking in interviews as every statement of a celebrity is taken seriously just be honest i feel n dont lie whatever be it as fans n haters will write what they like

Haters will always be jealous....u rocked in HNY....another super blockbuster in ur kitti....yay...

deepika is on fire,ME LIKES

OH please, it was just suuuuuch an iconic role that actresses were dying to do it? Really, honey?! Please, everyone had written Farah off, no one was dying to work with her.

See the BO collections. She is having the last laugh afterall...

Box office collections not because of her!

farah wanted to cast other heroines before deepika n even priyanka was about to do the film earlier but due to dates problems she couldnt do the film

Haters keep hating thank you audience for proving these haters wrong time and time again so haters keep hating what a wonderful job you've got.

Alright, so it's "silly when people talk about the roles that were offered to them/they haven't done" but it's not totally rude when you talk about how you won a role over other people? I'm slowly beginning to get really annoyed by Deepika. She is making such hypocritical and contradicting statements nowadays, the successes REALLY got to her head.

In the end it matters who did the film right? THAT is what is remembered. Not who was the first choice or who did what to get a role.

I think she did good in the film, but to say "why did you guys took so long" means she wanted the film, she just didn't have the guts to ask for it.

Yes, but suddenly remembering Farah exists as soon as Farah started tweeting other actresses, and then repeatedly sending her home cooked food, says otherwise.

Dp should stop thinking that she is the only actress everyone want, she forget that she hardly a first choice of any film, girl u need to concentrate on work instead who is doing what.....

It seems she herself not able to digest her 4 film sucess...learn something from Aalia

ohh Deepika that really cute:P

attention seeker, hate her

U r not even near to kangana ranaut, who has done such wonder movies,,, no matter its not 100 cr.....

Deepika's hater I can imagine how sad you must be with deepika's success

Can you not compare? Kangana's also been in movies like Rajjo, Rascals and Dhamaal. And DP HAS done nice movies like Finding Fanny! Both are great actors!

Fans of other actresses need to calm down! If Deepika's role in HNY was insignificant, then so was Katrina in D3, Kareena in SR and Priyanka in K3! All of these actresses are as bad as each other. We want them to do meaningful roles and play characters that young women can look up to, but these girls are more than happy to play eye candy. So stop fighting!!

I remember Priyanka was the first choice for this movie opposite salman and then shahrukh.

Yeah i heard tv actrees ankita lokande and drashi dami were that right i remember old articles i am great they did'nt do
then the film had not been superhit only deepika can do this with srk and made film hit


Says the girl who relentlessly lobbied for SB movie,YJHD,Imtiaz's next,Homi's next and now HNY

Does she know that she was not the first choice for this movie? It was actually Priyanka when the movie was supposed to be made a couple years back. They probably did not cast her because they didn't want all the rumors to start flying again. Priyanka and Kareena have literally given Deepika all her movies last year. Race 2 was offered to Priyanka first than Kareena and than Deepika. Ram Leela was offered to Kareena, than Priyanka picked Mary Kom over Ram Leela, and than Deepika came on board.

she's not insecure,she's not cocky,she's just confident,she knows she's the QUEEN,and queens don't beg,so she's just stating the obvious

Priyanka is the qween of bollywood superstar multi talented actress great singer while deepika is just a good actress

Yes! Queen of publicity !

QUEEN OF HEARTS AND THE BOX OFFICE,i know it stings,but it's the truth,so DEAL

The film succeeds by SRK.
Not by Deepika, sorry

She isnt the queen!! Sorry but just giving few hits and that two with top actors dont make her the queen! She cant even carry a film in her own shoulders without another actor.

agree with you 100%

Wtf D: rethinking on whether I'm a diehard fan

tch tch tch Deeps, never expected such attitude from ya!!

The statement may sound wtf and lately she has been giving such statements a lot....but the fact remains that Deepika was the best part about Happy New Year..she danced well, acted well and looked like a is due where it is due

Obviously after all Farah is Steven Spielberg of Indian Cinema. Working with her is like lifetime opportunity na that's why.Not everyone is lucky like u Deepu.

Deepika Padukone gave a terrific performance worthy of her number one status , looked glamorous in Lovely song and many other scenes , acted very well , did comedy very well , danced well . Deepika more than justified the selection and probably was the best choice for the role .

She has got to be one of the most insecure actresses ever, atleast thats what it looks like from her comments!

Soooo proud and full of her self AND undermining others.....unbelievable coming from her!!

omg not even Sridevi or Mads talk like this.

it's amazing how one year of success and good luck can inflate somebody's ego this much

not true that she doesn't call directors for parts….she openly admitted that she wants homi to approach her first for his next film that's how she got tfios even though she does not suit the part

Oh yeah, The Fault in Our Stars ... horrible casting. Deepika looks waaay too mature for that role. Would have been better with Alia or Shraddha opposite and I know this sounds random, but Tiger Shroff. He has really sympathetic eyes and could make a good Augustus Waters.

u go dp....haters just BURN.....

Bollywood is about competition ...what's wrong with asking for a role if you feel you can do it ? PC was the first actress who was associated with the role but wasn't taken only b'cos of all the gossip ;so was Katrina & Ankita Lokhande.

The full interview is on the Asian Sunday website for those who keep asking.

I generally find the comments here more entertaining than the films being spoken about. I guess someone must make a screenplay out of the comments here and make a movie. So much of raw talent!!

Amen! thank you for the laugh.

If actresses were calling Farah for the wrong then I have full admiration for them for being proactive. I don't understand what is wrong with that. I'm presently unemployed so I have to ring around to find work and the usual rigmarole it's the same with any profession.

this movie is a blockbuster only because of chill !

Kareena the beggar, no doubt.

At least Kareena is still the first choice for a lot of directors. She was the first choice for many of DPs movies remember.

Anyway, if I were you, id start giving your advice to your Goddess. Lord knows she could do with some of these "begging" skills herself.
maybe then she wouldn't be making her "big comeback" in such an embarrassing way. After all the hoopla you fans created about her being offered every movie under the sun and how every director was just gagging to have her in their movie, she settled for such a crap director and role.

Face it, Aishwarya wasn't offered half of the movies you claimed. Least of all the crappiest of crap fests which is HNY.

You keep telling yourself that. Whatever helps you to sleep at night. LOL

Kumud I wonder what it is about Bebo that makes you so jealous. She has to be the most powerful presence in your life. Your life clearly revolves around her.
P.S. You are more entertaining than Aish has ever been in any movie.

Dear Kumud... Rohit Shetty, SLB, Imitiaz Ali, KJO, and Rajeev Masand have spilled the beans on how aggressively Kareena goes after roles and how she throws a fit if she doesn't get them. Don't blame me, I'm not making it up. Free entertainment. ;-)

Um i dont think so hunny!

Lol way to make fun of someone so talented like Kareena?
Yes she lobbied for the roles. Big deal? Don't all actresses do that through their PRs? Deepika makes a point to attach her name to every film being announced. So do many others like Anushka, Sonam, Priyanka...

But OK. Let's just all bash Bebo... because this is what you guys love doing?

Gotta admit... even after 15 years, she's the most talked about actress.

My Kitty, Lots of love :P


Oh thanks god you did it finally....

The sad thing is that this is true. I loved DP in her recent movies - especially where she challenged herself - but I think actresses should really stop doing eye candy roles. It's bad for cinema, it's bad for indian culture - it doesn't matter if it's an actress I love or hate.

LOL. Deepika is no better than other actresses. If someone else had said what she said here, then they would have been called snobs by people on this site.

Can some one post the link of full interview. I cant seem to find it. Thanks

i don't like what she says sometimes for sure, but in the other hand i feel that many times she gets misunderstood and sounds arrogant or insensitive or irritating (i remember arjun saying during FFF promotions that she has become more sensitive after he met her now, and neetu also found her irritating when she was dating ranbir, saif also during cocktail made a remark about the way she gave her opinion on something), she is not really good when it comes to communicating her thoughts or feelings or picking up words.....anyway, this same girl, stated many times that she doesn't expect to be successful forever, and few days back, she was asked in an interview about her journey, and she said "failures has been my best friends, be it a failed relationship or failed films" and she seemed very ok with it if they comes again (and of course pinkvilla wont publish that statement because it won't create the buzz this one has created!!!)....i find it a statement full of melancholy for someone who is jumping in success right now, this girl knows what's real and what matters in life, there is so much in her than what she shows, beside that beauty, that wide smile, and crazy laughs, there is something deep in her eyes that makes her happiness incomplete. and for people who wish for someone they don't really know to fall, man! hope you will jump of happiness when she fall (along with some actors and actresses!), because the girl is OK with whatever life throw to her.... beyond success and failures the only thing that matters is the kind of person you are, and this is something we can not really know about her!

yawn..zzzz.. never got to the end. too long, how long did it tAKE YOU TO WRITE THIS?

I feel Deepika is too new right not to be called an amazing actress. I mean she is really on the top after last year but two actresses from the current lot who have had a great career in Bollywood are Priyanka and Kareena. They would have been in bollywood for 14 and 16 years now, which is amazing for a actress in Bollywood because the average career span for a Bollywood actress is very small. Yet they are both doing work currently, specially Priyanka where she has big blockbuster movies with good role oriented movies.

You were not the first opción.Solo I say

Deepika was my favourite actress at one point. But in the last 1 year or so, I've began to really hate her.

me too Because of arrogance . i think anushka will take her place ,

Anushka and Alia will take her place soon! And miss deepika will fall hard!


She does the same thing. She even sent Farah home cooked food to get the movie role!

actresses won't be thanking their stars they didn't act in that movie,they are eating their hearts out-" just like you butt hurt fans"-that they weren't a part of a record breaking blockbuster,also she may not have a big role,but she's getting high praise from one and all,she's become such an asset that no matter what she will shine,she will steal the show, am not happy she made that statement but at least unlike kat,she doesn't claim she was finalized for roles she wasn't even offered

She's right though. As desperate as it sounds, any actress would want to be a part of a SRK-Farah movie (they have a really good track record), no matter how small/insignificant her role would be!

same thing about katrina and dhoom 3. but she gets so much criticism for the small role. but any actress would have loved to be in that role.

Thank you so much DP for saving those "ACTtresses" careers by singing the film. Your 5 mins role in HNY has got yourself a lot of "recognition" among critics and audience #IfYouKnowWhatIMean. I just want you to RT some of those "praising" Tweets on Twitter now :D

u know what u sound really desperate. u have nothing better to do than hating on dp instead of praising your own fave get da h outta here then

Right, and Kareena the begger's role in Singham was specially rewritten for her, making it 5 minutes instead of 4 minutes.

Have we already forgotten just a year back an article that described how Deepika's management is the most up to date and active with pitching her name in for all the big projects?

And how many people can boast of getting directors to WRITE IN roles for them?

Sure, we've all heard of actresses lobbying for a written character or film.
I wanna hear how many directors say I wrote in a role for an actress/actor.

You think it's that simple? An actor begs and a director, oh so kind hearted he is, decides to write a film for him/her?

Please. The most directors do, is due to connections might give you a role they already are looking to cast an actor for. Mutual benefit.

Rohit Shetty admitted having written a role just for Kareena. And how is this different than male actors contacting directors and saying they wanna coordinate and would like to work with them and working on a script?

god bless u shakuntela

its funny you're making a comment about her 5 min role and how she talks about how others wanted the same role, considering your fantasy woman Kareena Kapoor is the notorious for that. smh.

PV please post!

Lol, see who is talking about 5 minute role. Deepika role is praised by almost all critics. kareena is always empty in her dear masala 2 minute roles n she loves it. ahahha

Why would you ever say something like that Deepika? Besides after seeing the film, I think all these "actresses" would be relieved they didn't do the film, below average film and performance deeps sorry darling!

Deepika's real life personality is quite off putting

um okay, relax lady. She's acting like this movie or her role is the biggest role of a lifetime, and that she will be remembered for this one role. Is her 15 minutes up yet? she had one great year, and all of a sudden she thinks she's the best.

It seems she is hinting at Kareena, cause she goes begging the khans and directors, and even stop talking to Rohiy cause he refuse to sign her. lol

she look like a serpent here. not in a good way either

could of let them have it cause the whole film was horrendous i need my old srk back

Insecure to the core

Deepika is going to go down in a few years.. :/ ..... Shraddha, Alia, Katrina, Jacqueline, Sonakshi will be on top!!!

Lol she's attacking other actresses in a very passive aggressive way

If she would have been talking about Bajirao Mastani... I would have definitely believed it..

Deepika acts as she is friendly with most of her contemporaries but inside she is totally jealous.. For example Priyanka and Katrina

I was not expecting this statement from Deepika..Here she basically is referring to her major contemporaries! But got to admit Deepika has the most interesting films in her hand like Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha, Piku with Amitabh Bacchan, Bajirao Mastani with Sanjay and etc

LOL there's just no way she said all THIS! Well, "apparently", Miss Padukone has become highly arrogant just for her one successful year. Finding Fanny was a crap movie (IMO) and that other movie I haven't seen but heard it was a flop also. Her highness is saying "I can't believe you guys took so long", LMAO as if no other good actress is left now in BW. Deepika will remain a highly overrated actress who apart from a couple of good movies has delivered mediocre performances. Her arrogant behaviour nowadays is such a put-off and telling the world other actresses were begging for roles when in fact she made her whole career on this single role in her real life.

Thank you for saving those actresses Deepika ;)

Wow all hail queen DP... how dare they make her wait that long to offer her the role... hmph simpletons

And you from them hhh

And you from them hhh

pls dont compare DP with kareena khan. She is a senior actress who has been in the industry for over 15 years and still doing movie like singham2 etc. Deepika has been here only for 7 years and she has achieved a lot for that short period of time. she is younger, prettier and far more talented.

She put it as her status that she wanted the role and told SRK that she wanted it and then she says she is not like other heroines who campaigned for the role. SMH. Anyway, a review for HNY says it's Ocean's 11 remade by baboons,lol.

It's farah who put it. Czar is farahs son. Read the article carefully

It's farah who put it. Read the article clearly.

so annoying

so much

She sounds so arrogant. she will definitely go Kareena's way.

Firstly its not a role to die for...its only because all actresses want to be in a khan film or a 100 crore film...actress who grabbed all major roles and who is doing every other movie is saying I don't lobby for roles...

A request to all dp fans. Let's not worry about whom she is referring and diss other actress. Kareena and dp r actresses of different generations . So I don't see any issues with them. Let's be happy with dps success. She has an amazing line up of films next year, a nice mix of critical and commercial. Plus she looked divine in hny, her eyes are damn so captivating. She conveys a lot through her eyes like ash.

In a couple of years time Deepika will be replaced..she prob wont be doing Farah s movie...will prob b Allia or Shardha opposite the Khans

Get over this replace thing. Seems like her haters are counting on their fingers that when she will get replaced. Every actress does but not all are remembered. She is loved and will be loved always.

I wouldn't exactly brag about HNY. It's hardly a cinematic treat. But gotta admit, DP provides most of the high points in the movie. She does stand out as the one good thing in this mess of a movie.

What a beautiful swan she is looking in the above pic. *_*

Her role has got amazing reviews. I request Deepika fans to go check her reviews on twitter and other sites. Never listen or feel what people are commenting here on pv , they are merely her haters - rooting for her to fail. I am proud of Deepika and even having less screen space her performance has spoke volumes.the last dance of her was magical and magnificant. Her expressions are priceless. As far as the movie is concerned , one bad movie won't break anything. She ha blend of good mmovies last year. Wait for piku , Tamasha and Bm next year. Wait and watch!

OK Miss Padukone we got it, you are very lucky to work with Shahrukh Khan but there is no need to put down the other actresses telling how desperately they want to work with Khans. I remember Kareena while working with Khans told that actresses were messaging them to get the role. I'm sure that's true but there is no need to tell about it. I hate it when actresses after some hit movies turning into arrogant Divas and starting to talk as if they are better than the other actresses because they are not begging for the roles with big stars...

She is just making a generalised statement. There is nothing arrogant here , check the Bollywood history - many other actresses have made worse statements then this. And she is definitely talking about some desperate divas here - like Kareena who merely wants a big hit in her kitty or maybe her fan Alia who wants the Queen title at the age of 15 maybe lol.

generalised statement? Yah sure, telling how the other actresses were begging for the role and she got it without even trying... I needn't to check Bollywood history because I know that other actresses have made worst statements ( which was discussed and criticised here) than this but right now we discussing this one and I don't even care who she is talking about, the statement is unethical. End of story!

What i know ash rejected movie because srk.i think she refering ankita lokhand,dogrina kaif or kareena they badly want

She has a perfect s shaped back. Just like a big swan. This woman is beautiful like really really beautiful. I m a guy and I find katrina sexier than her. But I read a lot of poetry. Deepika is the kind of womanhood and beauty that poets describe. I could only see ash as mastani and was disappointed when it dint materialise. But ten years later I'm happy another woman as beautiful as ash is doing the role. From the current gen actresses I thinkshe is the best for the role of mastani. Her eyes, smile, oval face, and a sensuous back more than make up for any shortcoming she has. She is beautiful like ash, women who u like to stare for hours. Women who spellbind u with their beauty.

Referring to Kareena here. Her career is sinking and this is a good way of getting back to Kareena after Kareena made those charity statements around the release of Ram Leela and even released a picture by her PR with her wearing one of the costumes. Interestingly, Kareena had also asked Sanjay for a role in Bajirao Mastani, but those went to Priyanka and Deepika.

dp who are ?!

I wonder who the other actresses were....

Kareena or maybe sonam

sonam wouldn't wanna do a movie like that

And now those same actresses will be thanking their stars..

"I never go to a director and say ‘I want to do your movie’ and apparently, other people were doing that." Really Deepika???? Forget of being diplomatic, this is the HEIGHT OF FAKENESS AND LIES!!! There were many reports that she lobbied hard to get her roles in Chennai Express and Ram Leela. And when asked point blank about it in a Rajeev masand interview, she didn't even deny it or say it was false. She just ignored the question and talked her way around it or out of it!!!! And everyone knows her PR links her name as "first choice" for every single big-budget Bollywood movie even if that movie was never ever offered to her!!!!

HEIGHT OF FAKENESS AND LIES are u talking abt katrina kaif? kat also lobbied for hny go n chk last year in aug 2013 her pr team said katrina is finalised for hny will sign the film when she return from london n begin shooting from 6 sep. lol same for katrina her pr team always says that kat was the first choice for the film every high budget movie ven if that movie was never ever offered to her!!!! like beshram bajioro mastani ramleela yjhd ce kochadiyan rockstar n more. its a game not only dp or kat all actresses r same abusing n defaming anyother coz ur katrina fan is not good. i m neither a fan of kat n dp or any other actress but i cant stand lies n abusing. kat fans do this a lot for dp all the time. its wrong. pinkvilla plz post u arent

Hello my comment has NOTHING to do with Kat or any other actress. I was just pointing out Deepika's double standards and hypocrisy. She says things like I don't do movies for the box office and appreciation is more important and I care about the script and repeat value of a movie. Than why sign HNY without reading the script????? And if you care about appreciation, why not improve on your acting?????

If Katrina has a good sense of script n always said i nver sign any film widout script so y did she sign dhoom3? N how much katrina improve her acting skills from past 11 yrs? Dp can act better than katrina atleast n most importantly in todays time we have stars n models nt actors. dnt talk abt double standards b hypocrisy all do this isn't ur favourite is a hypocrite i dnt talk my personal life its personal do u think i will tell u this n on other hand her pr leak every personal details of her n rk isnt this a hypocrisy n double standard? Answer honestly please post this pinkvilla

Katrina also have double standard n hypocrisy my personal life is personal dnt want to talk do u think i will tell u this n on other hand her pr team leak every personal details very private one.has katrina improve her acting skills in 11 years? Dp atleast act better than katrina n she proves it
Plz post

Also katrina lobbied for tamasha n rk recommended her bt imtaiz sign dp n kat fails. Same goes for kat every movie is first offer to katrina n after her rejection someone else do like ramleela beshram ce bajioromastani etc. Every lobby n use their male frnds to get role simple nothing new or unusual.please post u arent

Farah+ Deepika+ Srk= Blockbuster MOVIE!!!!

you can subtract Farah and Deepika from that and it would still be a BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE......especially Farah.

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