Aishwarya & Abhishek Bachchan at Boroplus Anandalok Puraskar Awards

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They look really very happy after winning the award


omg...these r sooooo boring for me now...what a boring couple and boring life !

aish looks so lovely

What a goddess. Jesusssss.

Ash is sooo good

no wonder y world says her the most beautiful girl.actually she is most beautiful.4 me ash was never beautiful earlier but after seeing her pics on net ,i discovered tat really she is the most beautiful girl.i find kareena ,kangna,amisha equally beautiful as ash.

WOW aishwarya luks soooooooo how she has started to wear more desi dresses. looks good on women....abhi luks good too

who ever mentioned she will get award dream ON like she made straight disaster for 2010 is that why sanjay leela bhansali begging for kareena wont blame him a list she give minimum average max blockbuster like it or not!!

shame on u cake ashwaria u are wasted

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Awesome. Aishwarya gave an outstanding performance in Raavan, especially Raavanan.

""Mon, 2010-12-06 09:39 — Anonymous
she looks like a million bucks. Finally an actress who isn't displaying her cleavage with non existent pallu.""

ash is the sleazy actress who encouraged bras under sarees [instead of proper blouse] and cleavages with pallu on one side... shes got no shame....given the chance she wud strip completely.

the most boring couple ever!

in the first picture. The guy behind Abhi acted with Ash as her husband in a film produced by her brother. the name of the movie is something like Dil ka Rishta...

Wow! I loveeee her saree.... BUT i fail to understand the logic---she dresses like a bhartiya nari in India & when aboard wears revealing gowns :S Ugghhhh!

this is JOKE of the year :o
but cudnt even laugh. i thought the indian cinema is for indian people but this shows it is solely for bachans and the cinema cud fall any low to please them.

this whole post is a joke!!!

they look great but these awards have no merit to them!

too much makeup

She's dressing very matronly these days. I want hot Ash to come back!

this is a disgrace to indian cinema, can't believe they won the award for patethic acting and silly nonsense, they step this low to please the bachchan khandan, I don't think so, this is just too ridiculous, now where are the real actors like manoj bipaj?

ash get rid of that red hair! you look just like shanaz hussein

Somebody already post this yest...but the pic was with less light but they sent it I realised in real how simple looking this old hag is...good light effect...Aish is a w.....

She looks really fat here. What the hell?

she looks like a million bucks. Finally an actress who isn't displaying her cleavage with non existent pallu.


Best actress and actor awards for RAVAAN?????????? WHAT A WASTE OF AWARDS.. WOW shame shame shame
I am sure the awards judges were bribed by the AMITABH BACHCHAN.

Your best advertising punchline - "I don't know about others but I'm definitely worth it"

This was said by Aishwarya in the first episode. She even copies punchlines from others. How pathetic. She's ignorant and arrogant.

Awesome. Aishwarya gave an outstanding performance in Raavan, especially Raavanan. But Abhishek sucked :|

Aishwarya Rai is looking gorgeous. It will be ages before another such beautiful girl lights up our screens, a combination of beauty, grace and talent..Our own Grace Kelly!

Congrats Abhi and they look so cute together, just love them.

SO much posing!

Gorgeous saree !!! but pathetic awards...... so sad tht ppl can stoop so low publicly to please these Bachchans and award them for non-performance.........Raavan was a stupid, silly , boring film and shame for Mani Ratnam....these two were soooooo abd in usual.......

I got noghtmares after seeing Ash's fotos above.. please dont scare anymore- please retire and vanish from the face of earth.

londoncalling - really? wow that explains it!
Award shows in india are getting sicker n sicker by the day! How can actors even accept them as genuine awards anymore? like its just shamefulll lol

Sun, 2010-12-05 08:50 — Anonymous
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the boroplus actors. have they promised to endorse this brand?


its because amitabh endorses boroplus !!!

so much agree wid Sun, 2010-12-05 10:54 — Anonymous..he will love to set a cam even in her bedroom if bachchans allowed her to do so..thn he can able to how HOW MUCH THEY R IN LOVE..m scared to see her laughing a still i can hear her devilish wired painful fr ears type of sounds of her single close up pic he exactly looks like her mom.

is long sleeve blouses coming back in style..i hope not...

Aww Aish looks sooo beautiful!! And congrats on the win!

Cute, eat your heart out Sallu .
Are we ever gonna see a sex-tape ? :(

wat a joke!!! Very upsetting to see the awards are given to bad actors like Abhi n Ash....!!!

deal with it haters. it doesn't mean that if the award (i haven't heard of Boroplus Anandalok Purashkar Awards, honestly) is not that known, it is less credible than the other bigger awards like filmfare, iifa, zee, etc.. they have the right to honor who they think is deserving of their award. kudos to Abhi-Ash. :) more awards to come. though i think Ash would receive it for her performance in guzaarish rather than raavan.. :)

she looks ETHEREAL in the last 3 pix

i told my lil bro about this and he asked me if i read the thing rite and it wasnt worst actor and actress!! seriously why for ravaan give it guzaarish and KHJJS instead atleast that wouldnt look so bad!!!

is it me or ash looks like a vamp from a indian tv serial these days....that innocence is gone or missing:(

good looking couple.

hahah and only ravan was participating in the race !

the tructh is out...shes the devil!!! (look at the last pic) lol

what god sakes its boroplus award

wow pathetic ! they would accept any award ! they show up to everything - no wonder they have busyyyyyyyy lives ........

geez...she can't even hug her husband w/o looking at the camera.


Boroplus ? for ravaan? seriously ?

oh dear- more movies for these genuises .. .. india stop nepotism, that is why people leave the country

he looks better the her he looks like his child look at his face toned look at her caked makes me think how disaster make up is sometimes!

Best actor? Best actress? They can't ACT!

Aww Love them !

gd for them!

the boroplus actors. have they promised to endorse this brand?

ridiculous :o


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