Aishwarya & Abhishek Bachchan's Full Vogue Interview

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Aishwarya & Abhishek Bachchan's Full Vogue Interview from the July 2010 issue. I don't think the full interview has been posted yet, so here it is for anyone wanting to read.
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This is absolutely amazing..thanks for putting this up. I'm so happy for both of them.its so obvious they love each oda deeply n they hv the most important ingredient for a sy=uccesful marriage which is friendship. I like that she says you just have to go with the flow.You cant see it as too much of a big deal n just enjoy each oda n your life together.they are like buddies n i reckon this marriage is definitely going to last for a very long time especially because thay share the same values.

@Sun, 2010-07-25 09:22 — Anonymous
I couldn't agree any more, clearly they deserve each other :D though genuine their affection may seem but it reminds me of in Devdas where Paro goes to the other woman, tumhara jhoot moot ka pyaar hai.... It's like they are so overwhelmed with the other that any other love can only pale in comparison. I only think Jaya is the only truly sensible member of the family because you can attribute ridiculous statements to every other family member. Both father & son have quoted the enjoy rape statement if you can't stop it. Though, Abhi is from a younger generation, clearly he is a sexist just like his father.

both r looking fabulous n made for eachother..........

I didn't even bother reading the article.. I just skipped to the comments.. coz I know everything the Bachan family talks is bullshit.. and it's more fun to see how people see right through it all, and they still keep up the pretense

can someone tell me what actually they are trying to present lol

Mon, 2010-07-26 12:41 — Anonymous, SO TRUEEEEE :-)

Mon, 2010-07-26 22:19 — Anonymous, hahahhahahahhah OMG!! You rock dude! that was PERFECT!

Mon, 2010-07-26 22:19 — Anonymous
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hi5*

Ash: .. Hmm.. the view from this window is filled with slums.. maybe we can put up a 30000 meter high wall and paint french rivera or a beautiful scenary on it for our view. My man!.. can you do it ?
Abhi: Huh ? you are referring to me babe ?.. I thought it was my father .. in anycase.. he looks old like a neanderthal
Ash: you are my man !
Abhi: right !.. but I thought my wife is a woman , not some "girl"..
Ash: are you questioning my statements ?
Abhi: OOPS.... let me check with my Mom before I answer.


Well people have taken lot of sincere efforts to defend working women from Ash's stupid assumptions..
I read the intereview like 4-5 questions and cudnt take it more.. Felt like puking on this gorgeouse dumbhead and "her MAN"...
All I can come up with is.. "how abt having a child and doing some real labor troubles.. for being a so much of Married old HAG" You will get a reality check on your face.. that marriage is not all that easy as your are making it to be.. Probably you dont have a real marriage.. thats why you dont veen understand it.. Having a pet dog nod his head and some other old dogs wag their tails at home.. doesnt make a marriage. I pity you Ash.. You are doomed for such a fake life and fake self.. No wonder you dont call yourself woman!! you are really mentally some 12 yr old stupid gal who refused to grow mentally.

Being rich is not an answer to everything. How many rich people do not have miserable lives, broken marriages, split up homes, drug, alcohol and other vices disrupting their normal lives?
So, maybe Aishwarya and Abhishek are rich and born with a silver spoon, yet they have so far not misused their fortunes. They have enough money and power already, so why do they work so hard at different corners of the world and put in so much sweat to see if their films are going to click or fall at the Friday's box office? They can sit back and enjoy their wealth and fame. But they don't and work hard at whatever they are doing.
That's why they earn my appreciation. We cannot simply keep comparing them to ourselves, we are not the celebrities that they are, obviously. But celeb status too comes with its own pitfalls, don't forget. So stop being so nasty about them and give them their due.

hearing these two talk about marriage/career etc is like hearing a couple zooming by on a motorbike wonder why the Tour de France cyclists behind them are tired and sweating

fwiw i'm fine with them being ecstatically happy with their life together...but what gets on my nerves is their 'la-dee-da...look how easy life is!' attitude when they think they can give advice to people who live a completely different kind of life. i dont need Baby B to tell me that if i'm finding it a challenge to balance family and career it means i'm not dedicated enough to either. what a smug idiot!

well if you think about it who really says, yes im rich i have servants i dont need to do any housework and I get films because of my name? who would say that? not even hollywood actors with 15 million dollar mansions. so just suck it up they are part of indias elite. ie ambanis and birlas etc....they have it easy we dont.

@>>>I wonder why anything about Aishwarya raises such it that women are generally envious of her success, beauty and sheer fortune?

The same reason Aish fans go so ballistic and defensive when someone has negative observations about her. A lot of shit is said about all other actors and actresses, but only Aish lovers go nuts like they do. Its mind-numbing, how many times I've seen/read/heard the same thing you've said! I am tempted to believe that that there is all there is to it. May be you're right, if someone doesn't like Aish it must be murderous envy! How can it not?! (must say, very intelligent, original and insightful observation!)!!! Women are so full of shit and are such jealous creatures eh?

But, MAYBE, just may be, sometimes, people just don't like her, find her fake etc. Not everyone is impressed by breathtaking beauty (which she obviously possesses!) alone. And in some cases, she genuinely insults others' intellect, so people act out. She is an important person, who has deservedly got a lot of adulation, and what she says reaches out to a lot of people. And its hard to forgive irresponsible comments from someone like that. Not for everyone of course! Just some! And not all of them are women!

Wow this whole interview is full of smug self-absorbed statements by both Abhishek and Aishwarya. Some gems...

"Your marriage and career don't have to impact each other. If they do, you're either not enough of a dedicated professional or you're not committed enough to the relationship"

wtf....he still lives at home with mummy and daddy and gets work because of his last name. does he even know what balancing career (MADE ON YOUR OWN TERMS AND TALENTS) and personal life actually means????? He has some nerve to sit in his little palace with every convenience at his disposal and tell us that we're not good enough.

"A woman will enter a party and think about what everyone is wearing. A man enters and the first thing he does is look for exits in case there is a raid or fire and he has to get his wife out of there in a hurry"

Hey thanks for classifying us all as fashion-obsessed airheads, Abhi *rolls eyes* And men are just so intelligent and practical aren't they...I mean face it someone has to look out for women because they are too stupid and fashion-obsessed to look after themselves. Not! Ughh this quote disgusts me.

"As a girl, it is weird to hear other women talk about marriage and career conflicting"

Of course, everything weird happens with 'other women'

"I've never understood women who say 'I'm not going to get married as I want to concentrate on my career for the next few years'. If you believe in the man, if you have your family's blessings, if you believe you will be happy and comfortable together, why not go ahead? Don't barter work for marriage. It is not a trade-off"

Uhhh maybe because making a marriage succeed also takes hard WORK when you don't have servants and a huge house and famous in-laws?????

I'd go on but I've had enough of hearing these two trying to sound all deep and philosophical about their easy life. Sickening.

and it's true, she did the same in the Unforgettable Tour. they are a cute couple.
she laughed and lighted up as he came behind and kisssed her on stage. then she became 'herself'.

cute couple they are,, but very elite.

Aish and Abhi look fab though, and make a great pair. well, good for them, they are enjoying their life.. they may have their own issues. but it's not the issues of a 'common' middle class career-woman today.

ppl are getting tired of elites who have lots of $ and hired help talking and giving lectures about balancing day to day life. in India at-least there friends/relatives to take care of kids.. here you raise your kids, pets, hubby, and do your career.. clean the house, cook the food , barely 3 minutes to yourself. and no, it's not cushy.. ppl are skipping vacation to pay for adding expenses...

but it is not just Aish-- the entire rich lots of elites around the world are getting too wrapped up to notice the struggle of the masses. they live in their bubble cushion. that's why Bollywood is losing it's charm, it's forgetting it's audience and their struggle (color acceptance, racism, economic issues, gender equality, etc.).

I wonder why anything about Aishwarya raises such it that women are generally envious of her success, beauty and sheer fortune?
This was a good interview. In a showbiz world where everything is somewhat messy and mixed up, Bachchan family surely bring a sense of stability. So what if Aishwarya married into the famous Bachchan household, she herself is no wall flower, she was and is a Miss World and a successful career woman and has her share of fame and power earned by herself, no thanks to anyone. She has dated other high profile persons and chose her husband herself like any other modern working girl. Mind you, I am not even a fan of Aishwarya.
One can harp on every word and move of her's but there is no denying that she has conducted her life extremely well to date. I for one wish her every success in future and hope this couple stay happily together for a long time to come. It would be sad to see anything untoward happen to them because we as people need some good examples to know life can be good if you work hard and sincerely.

These 2 are shameless and Disgusting

"I've never understood women who say 'I'm not going to get married as I want to concentrate on my career'"
- Aishwarya Rai

Hahahahaha yeah right! Says the woman who strung along a couple of men to further her career and only settled down when she began losing her youthful looks (her single claim to fame)! You know why Ash gets more hate than other actors? Because she tries to project this perfect virtuous image all the time when it has been so clear from her actions over the years that she is not as perfect, innocent and 'middleclass-valued' as she tries to make us believe she is. She tries to fool the public, she dances around questions asked by journalists.....all of it gives off this 'I'm too good for you' vibe. This is why some people criticize her. Because with her you always feel you are being sold something, whether it is L'Oreal make-up or her virtuous saintly image and picture-perfect family life.

Why does she have to put down other women to make herself (the little 'girl') feel good? In that Hello interview she's like "I don't like to hang out with Bollywood's girls. I can't say stuff like 'Hey babes, love you bag'". Now she's like "Eww why do women think they can't have career AND marriage?". Ummmm Ash, because not all of us are BACHCHAN BAHUS with 50 servants at home, 10 cars in the garage and millions in the bank.

oh wow so hot!! love it! and people who write longgg essays need a life. who the hell cares to read longg essays from some random anonymous! i dont!

HAHAHA...I am sure if I had the money to just fly off to wherever my husband is for work, I wouldn't mind meeting him only once every 20 days either! Neither he nor I earn so much money that we can just jet off anywhere in the world if we're missing each other ... but we both still work very hard and very long hours and are away from home all the time. And even though I do complain that if I wasn't working, I wouldn't mind taking care of household chores, I am still doing both and wouldn't give up either. And if another woman (or even a man come to think of it!) told me she finds it hard to manage both, I would understand her instantly and never call her regressive! Because it is tough. Princess Aish, you may have conquered the world at a very young age, you may have earned millions from the age of 19 and you're even the perfect wife. But there is clearly a thing or 2 of the simplest, basic elements of life that you never learnt in spite of it all.

Aishwarya....the stunner

Very good interview

Aishwarya the best wife,woman,daughter

Aishwarya always the best

I would like to order "reality check" and can you please deliver it to Mrs. Aishwarya Bachchan living at Jalsa, Juhu Mumbai? Thank you.

I have seriously loved reading some of these posts! Some great thoughts out there.

While I think all men and women could and should learn to be able individuals who can manage all aspects of life - family, marriage and career - as well as having some fun along the way ;) - I think it IS important to acknowledge that it IS in fact hard. And it IS in fact insensitive to forget that.

And though our celebrities do work very hard, the lives of ordinary men and women are not the same as theirs. They too work many, many hours, often away from their families and their children, but financially don't earn 1/10th of what some of the worst actors do! Kudos to all those women who are working and taking care of their homes and families everyday! And kudos to all the men who love and support these women every step of the way! Some great love stories don't have big stars in them. And some of the most successful working women and home-makers aren't superstars, superstar-wives or superstar-bahus!

I would love to see the original picture without the photoshopping ..

these ppl are BIG STARS and the elite.

when Mid-Day slurs them, the NJ fans run to boycott Mid-Day and write them letters.

when TIME Magazine slurs their NJ fans, these stars KNOW about it. they keep silent because TIME is their best friend;; and Mr. Joel Stein is one of the ppl who picks the most and least influential for TIME. guess Mr. Stein likes the light-eyed Indians...

there are two kinds of ppl: HAVES and HAVE-NOTS.

These Bachchans and nearly all the Bollywood stars are at the top. they are elites...

my man,real man,a man!!whatever!

they need to do a steamy hot movie!

As a career woman, who is more educated than Ash, a good 8 years younger than Ash, and has the same man in my life for past 7 years(thats 4 years more than Ash), I find this interview extremely fake and condescending towards all women. All the advice and attitude she is giving to other married/working women are total BS.
Women of the world, we have nothing to learn from this fake, self righteous, cunning person. Unless you want to learn how to be properly cunning without getting caught....

Blah, enough with the whiners and sour people on this site.

You misunderstood what they said about marriage and career. As someone said on another forum:

"What they mean to say is that sometimes people make their career's a more important priority than their actual lives. They're not saying people shouldn't focus on their careers but If two people are in love and ready to get married than its pointless to stay apart because they want to just focus on their careers.

Like, what are you working so hard for? Get Married, be together and once you do that you work even harder for a better fututre. Plus its a very smart financial decision as well."

If they are happy with each other, good for them since it is hard to find happiness in this world.

Haha she calls herself a girl and others as 'women'! :D How stuck-up can one be?! Im fed up of this "I'm just li'l ol' me" vibe she keeps trying to project

Hi5 Sat, 2010-07-24 07:50 — Anonymous
Though I wish you used spacing.. Nevertheless, excellent post! Someone make the tard fake queen and the flop guy read her post!

Aish can laugh all she wants at women who find it challenging to balance family and career; she's not the one who has to cook three meals a day, clean the house, buy groceries, feed and raise children, get an education, face workplace challenges -- and this too all on a budget, like millions of women the world over do DAY IN DAY OUT. Isn't Aish always so proud of her middle-class upbringing and 'values'? What happened to that? Has she forgotten what life is like for the average woman in India?? The same kind of life her mother lived...raising kids, taking care of mundane chores around the house, supporting a family.

She's usually so careful of what she says but she really came off as smug in this interview. I'm sure life is great when your father-in-law is Amitabh Bachchan and you live in a huge mansion and everybody sucks up to you because of your famous in-laws, oh and you get paid crores just because you were lucky to be born with a face like that. Has she ever truly had to struggle for anything? She should stop lecturing us on how to live life *rolls eyes*

nice interview abhi and ash need do to a hot sexy movie together!

Whats funnier and ahem "more fake" than the interview is the introduction of the couple by the writer. What is this a romance novel? Do they think the readers are so stupid that they will believe this bullcrap?

I am an ash hater through and thorough because of the fakeness factor. And I do believe she can not act if her life depended on it, so why get such great movies and directors when other people can do it better than her. I also hat the way she clings to "her man" and tries to show the world her love. It is not appropriate of such a confident woman. But this is strictly my opinion.

After reading this article, I have a new understanding. Can we really blame these two? just look at the picture perfect, oddly mesmerizing introduction the vogue writer writes. It is obviously going to leave the couples fans in awe. And this is where I think Ash will try harder to live up to her image, creating a more extreme label of fakeness for herself. Perhaps it may not be Ash's fault, her PR management is I think the crappiest PR, promoting her as "the msot beautiful woman" and the so called interview above, and on and on. This woman is then left living up to the image she is not, as a result trying harder, over acting and what not which all equals fakeness.

In all honesty I feel bad for her and I would never want to be her. So much confidence and luck yet so many insecurities, complexes and what not. Then again people like her appear to be happy but in reality its a whole dirferent story.

I being a ash hater do not like her diplomatic perfect holier than thou answers but for once I have to blame the writer for not sticking to reality and creating another illusion in the reader's mind

this is straight out of mills and boons..i guess both of them have read lots of those books and based their interviews on that..before marriage i seriously though abhi was a more grounded and matured individual but now either ash effects of natak has rubbed on to him or he was always like this!..i mean common guys u r not in your twenties anymore or college kids anymore and she is not a girl for godsake...i wud love to see a couple happily married and definitely these two but this is plain childishness..i find john n bips, kareena n saif more matured than these guys though they a lot younger..where as abhi ash are hell bent on making us believe that they are happiest and live in fantasy world..get real guys!...n do something atleast to help others, its high time you invest your mamoth financial gains to some good use...being so full or oneself is annoying!

she is not accepting that she is 37 yr old married Woman- that "womn" part- she htinks is derogatory.. that is why other females are women, but she refers to herself as a girl.
This is a mental issue with her.
And it is seen manifesting in her expressions and behavior ( wannabe teen and the arroganc and condescending atitude to other wihout priviledges- and lack of compassion in her actions)

I am sorry this is going to be a bit long. But it must be said. Because, there are successful, working women with lives different from Aishwarya Rai. And she really ought to know that.

This is the stupidest interview I ever read! What is this? Bed-time fairytales for adults? Aishwarya is probably the most regressive working woman and celebrity out there! How can she go on about telling other women that its regressive to think that its hard to make marriage and career co-exist? I mean look at her, whats with her going on and on and on about Abhishek being her "man"? How many times does she use the term "my man" in this interview?! And, she does this EVERY TIME she talks about him! I love that Abhishek made a joke about it, albeit hardly with any intention at laughing at her (which is admirable). The fact is that she has no clue about the lives of ordinary women (and men) who don't make millions and who don't have the luxury of having every small need taken care of by servants. I mean, its great that she can because she's earned that luxury for herself and as a woman I am very proud of her. But just because she makes one or 2 odd meals for the family in a year, doesnt mean that she takes care of the house and her career the same way other women do. I have a demanding job, I can afford servants and I have a very liberated and supportive husband. But it still is hard. I can't afford as many servants as she can and have to do a lot of household work myself despite a 14 hour work day. I trust my husband and really, I got lucky with him. In our society, not all men are tuned to doing household chores (my own brother is an aweful husband at home though he is absolutely loving to his wife otw!) And when I was getting married, no one asked me about what work I do. All everyone wanted to know is if I know how to cook, or that I will now have to learn to cook or that I will have to learn to cook. And him, no one asked him anything like that! All they asked was how he felt giving up his freedom (apparently that I too was giving up my 'freedom' meant nothing )and then they get back to asking him about his work. I mean, you'll always hear people advicing even working women about cooking and having children and a household once they're getting married. But when have you ever heard the same people telling the guy that now that he is getting married, its not enough that he has a great job, he should be rich and give his wife and family a really luxurious life. I earn the same as my husband (who is considered very successful) and am a superb cook (I only learnt to cook after marriage). I often even iron his clothes like a professional dry-cleaner! My house is impeccably done and its all me - no designers! And I can make the best cocktails. But the only think my husband has to do (according to people in general, not himself) is to work and earn money - no one has ever pointed out that he does none of the stuff I do at home and earns the same as I do. They just tell him (and me) about well he's doing! People often feel bad (that too, in front of me)that my husband sometimes comes home earlier than me from work and eats either re-heated food, or is almost always served by the servant. Some people have even commented that nowadays for guys, getting married doesnt make their life any better except that they just have a wife to take care of now (who by the way, earns as much as him!). This is the reality and not my experience alone. Please Aish, women dont distrust themselves, or their husbands or even society. But together, all of these concerns are very real. And some people struggle, financially if not mentally, to make both a success. How inconsiderate and insensitive to the struggles and fears and tribulations of those of her own sex!

guys whatever u all say...fake,flop etc etc...there r some good words in there about marriage and advice for would-be couples..try to learn something from it..

I havent bothered reading the whole interview. The part that I did read they come across as wanting to prove their love to the whole world. It justs seems so fake. I am not saying they dont love each other but they go overboard with this love thing.

I seriously find this interview somewhat fake! if they are trying to make a point that they are so much in love with each other!.And yes somebody said rightly sounds like a soft porn story.

I was hoping that they would give a reasonably honest interview. However it is disappointing to see that they underestimate the readers intelligence by giving fake or pseudo asnwers. so Abhishek is a Phd on men's and women's psychology. Please men are not that shallow. in fact men are great animal / dog lovers more than women. Additionally you dont go to a party looking for exits. Yes it is good to be aware but he is making all men sound like paranoid lunatics.
she should stop refering to herself as a girl. it is annoying.

I am not even going to bother myself reading the Fake Doll's and the Flop Actor's interview. Hee hee

so vogue has started writing mills and boons stories now.

Why do they have to speak about going to the bedroom....and sleeping next to each other always???? sounds like a porn they mean to say that marrige is only about kissing nd sleeping together???? Guys! Grow up! there is more to a marriage than kissing and sleeping!

And What does Aishwarya mean by adressing herself as a 'GIRL'???? and she calls others as Women!!! did she forget that she herself is a Woman and she should be proud of being a Woman!!!!

here comes the "OMG OMG OMG" fangirls LMAO

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