Aishwarya and Abhishek bachchan at GQ Men of the year awards 2010

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GQ Men of the year is the first awards show in India dedicated to honouring male success.John Travolta presented the Icon of the Year to Aamir Khan at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.Abhishek Bachchan won the ultimate man of the year award at GQ Awards. Aishwarya Bachchan was awarded Global Indian Woman OR woman of substance at the GQ Awards . Ash looks ethereal in this lavender gown. Love her subtle makeup. Abhi looks dapper even though he has put on some weight. Both look great together.

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they are the Brad and Angelina of India and people should be proud of them,Indians should be proud.

I love Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and she still considered the queen of bollywood and she looks so beautiful and I wish bitter fans would not make such comments against and where is RANI TODAY?Ash Rules rules So get over it.

so in bollywood, you're born a star son, get a star wife, manage to flop, and as a result, you're ultimate man of the year...hahahahaha. no wonder people make fun of bollywood. i wish russell peters made a comment/story on this.

I agree with ya'll!!! These award functions seem to be a show of who is popular in bollywood. And this is SO boring, its always the same people that get these awards!! Karan Johar got GQ producer of the year award!! stale news!!

elegantly beautiful !!!!

Ash said in recent interview- that Brangelina should go around calling themselves the Ash-abhi of the US...

"Ultimate man on the year", What is GQ's definition of man, may i ask ? ASH is beautiful, please give her one..what does AB get awarded for ? his accomplishment is to be the "Husband of the most Beautiful woman in the world " ....

the 3rd pic is her signature look!

Aishwarya's prime time stardom is yet to come !!!
she is rising rising rising !!!

ash is looking fab she definately deserves this award.

aish's got the killing look!!!

Mon, 2010-09-27 16:00 — Anonymous

Totally agree with you that it has lost its prestige because it appears as if it's "given away" (in the Entertainment field).
BTW, I think Saif Ali Khan got it already!!

To Mon, 2010-09-27 16:00 — Anonymous

Actually saif ali khan has already gotten a Padma Shri award.

So agree with Anonymous about the hue n cry with aishwariya's international connections.. Jus a ridiculous publicity for the Cannes Drama.. so true that India jus gives away awards to the same old people due to their connections even if there are other deserving people- So agree with Neetu

i wonder what has he done to deserve that award. one flop movie this year and he gets the ultimate man of year award. isn't that ridiculously unjust :o

Aishwarya is undeniably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen but these GQ awards are just a popularity contest. I don't feel she deserved the Padma Sri award and neither did Madhuri Dixit and especially not Akshay Kumar. The award has lost its prestige because now it is just a popularity award given to anyone. Who's next? Saif Ali Khan and Kareena?

To the idiots out there who are crying foul - how come I don't see you morons jumping on Priyanka for winning the Woman Of The Year award which is completely undeserving? that chick had 1 disastrous movie and a stupid TV show where her hosting skills got panned - so wat did she win for again? her new fake nose or lips? Whatever! At least Aish has/had 4 upcoming big films this year and shot a commercial with the world famous Kate Winslet but Priyanka?

Mon, 2010-09-27 02:34 — Anonymous

Stupid jealous freak! its the delusional haters like you who keep making Aish shine and God Almighty keeps bestowing her with rewards in order to burn you haters! and as for the so called people who made enormous contributions but lost into obscurity are obviously some imaginary fool you made up to needle Aish and her achievements

No offence to anyone out there, but if Aishwariyah rai was truely beautiful then all that make up is not neccesary. Beauty should be natural not plastered with layers of powder and mascara. Even though she does wear make up, just like all of us I still think that her features are so beautiful make up enhances them more.
I personally think she should be confident in her own skin not to wear so much make up after all she is considered to be one of the most beautilful ladies in the wold. Lovely face though.

aishwarya loooks hottttt! So perfect in elegance, beauty, and everything else!

aishwarya is ssssssooooo gorgeous! She is ethereal!!!! Ahhhhmmazzing! she deserves every award she gets and mooooreee!

AB jr comes across as having a nice personality. however winning the ultimate man of the year? i really dont understand why. I personally believe he has got so far in his career because of his famous parents and now his wife. Had he not been Amitabh's son he would of been classed as a flop actor and not have the recognition that he now has which has increased due ti his marriage to ash. i personally would not have been interested in him as an actor had he not married ash. the good thing about ab here is that he is not wearing eyeliner. yahhhhh.

aish who i do find beautiful, has lost some of here beauty. she always has soo much make-up. just wish she would tone it down.

yawn !!!!!!!!!!!!

"ultimate man of the year' what a joke.....

wtf is this..
Abhi getting an award..for what may i ask??in india u can get any award or whatever just by being a rich man's son..
and Aish is back with the 'puppy-look' gazing at abhi..soooo fakeeeeeeeeeeeee


Ash trully gets more and more beautiful! keep it up Ash!

ash looks jus awsome

abishek as ultimate man of the year ...OMG this is the funniest thing i have heard all week. is it a joke?

There is no point in awarding these people, (like a certain Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) uselessly as giving them the awards without any good reason what-so-ever undermines the real significance and value of the awards. Awards should be only given to people who have really struggled to win them and have done genuinely good work. I never understand why does the Indian media make such a hue and cry about Aishwarya's international connections. What is Aishwarya doing? walking the red carpet of Cannes every year from 2003 and giggling in front of the media- does that make India rich globally? How many of her films (international, if you really call them so) were selected to compete in Cannes? None. Then the fashion designers would talk at length about her fashion choices every year and how well she carried her dresses- isn't it all useless? Does the much hyped activity of representing India abroad end with a 3- minute walk on the red carpet and wearing costly dresses. Sorry, there are people who have done much more. In fact there is much more to India than the over- hyped Mrs Bachchan. What has she done back home in Bollywood? There are many more people associated with the film fraternity whose contributions to the industry are enormous but most have been lost in oblivion. Now, who is Abhishek Bachchan? Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's son ? I do not see any more contribution that he has done. But if this is the reason for which you award him then give him many more.

asihwarya sooooooooooooooo beautiful and 100% deserve the award

They look great together even though Abhi looks so tired lately...She looks absolutely wonderful and beautiful! :) Go Aishwarya!

everything is so average..dont lyk d tie n ash's ill fitted outfit. n d award is a big JOKE.

Love Aish gown n she looks gorgeous. Abhi is such a lucky guy 2 get a beautiful woman like Aish. Congrats 2 both 4 winning, but I think Sallu deserves da ultimate male of da year.

She is such a glamorous lady
lover her hair her eyes her gown
she is fab here

Abhishek 'ultimate man of the year' LOL

lol...this is a joke..I am still wondering what abhishek achieved this year??? and Ash...what did she achieve globally?? being a loreal girl??? such a shame!!!! even freida pinto has achieved a lot more than her globally, atleast she is recognisable worldwide...but thats saying nothing. unless we stop awarding mediocrity, we wont go anywhere globally.

she always wearing the bangle from her mother in law wherever she go.. hmm , such a sweet bahu.. really hindustani..

her prime is yet to come,.... she'll be the biggest star at 40+ ! just watch and wait !
she's getting prettier and prettier each day.

How in the world this women could do that? Look so traditional sweet indian wife at her sil party other times look most hottest women. What a beauty. People who call this website Ashvilla why they still bother to look at this website? It is not somebody forcing you to see her pic just don't look at her pic thats all.

Abhishek won for what? To put it simply... He doesn't deserve it

both look great finally! yah & why is AB getting an award?!!

GORGEOUSSSS!!!!!! and this is the first time i feel they look good together, he's complementing her well!

I absolutely love what they're both wearing. They complement each other so wonderfully! Way to go!

she's glowing, ! better than her Devdas days even. oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

in the last photo, she is RAVISHINGLY gorgeous.
the best she's ever looked !!

yes people, Aishwarya is BACK!



she seems to work hard at looking good, which is a good thing for her.
she is improving and getting prettier with age..

Gorgeous woman! Her face is stunning! Abhishek is one lucky guy

Now this is a beauty!

abhishek gets ULTIMATE MAN OF THE YEAR!!??? LOOOOOOOLLL!!1 r u friking kidding me?? salman khan earns the industry the most they've earned n these idiots r gving awards to abhishek for being a total flop in all walks of life....and aishwarya for tormenting us with raavan?

they look great

WOWOWO. Gorgous Aish and Abhi!!

Want pictures of Aish alone to see

Beautiful Aishwarya so elegant! Love her gown

One word for both - Stunning

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