BIG STAR Entertainment Awards 2014 Winners List

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Here is the list of the winners at Big Star Entertainment Awards 2014:

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor (Film) – Male

Shah Rukh Khan - Happy New Year

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor (Film) – Female

Priyanka Chopra - Mary Kom

BIG Star Most Entertaining Film of the Year

Haider - Vishal Bhardwaj / Siddharth Roy Kapur

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor (Film) Debut – Male

Tiger Shroff - Heropanti

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor (Film) Debut – Female

Kriti Sanon - Heropanti

BIG Star Most Entertaining Dancer - Male/Female

Jacqueline Fernandez - Jumme Ki Raat - Kick

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor in a Social - Drama Film – Male

Shahid Kapoor - Haider

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor in a Social - Drama Film – Female

Priyanka Chopra - Mary Kom

BIG Star Most Entertaining Social - Drama Film

Mary Kom - Omung Kumar / Viacom 18 & Sanjay Leela Bhansali Pictures

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor in a Thriller Film – Male

Riteish Deshmukh - Ek Villain

BIG Star Most Entertaining Thriller Film

Ek Villain - Mohit Suri / Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor in a Comedy Film – Male

Abhishek Bachchan - Happy New Year

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor in an Action Film – Male

Arjun Kapoor - Gunday

BIG Star Most Entertaining Actor in a Romantic Film – Male

Sidharth Malhotra – Hasee Toh Phasee

BIG Star Most Entertaining Singer (Male)

Ankit Tiwari - Galliyan - Ek Villain

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Ek Villain is a copy movie of the Korean hit movie "I saw the Devil" .... therefore, in my opinion awards only should be given to movies with genuine content.....

jacqline fernades you are the best

SRK has got the award only because of his stardum but poor shahid has done so well in HAIDER but he not got the award....

SRK Rooocs HNY the bast movie nomeniton to international fastvil award HNY good movie SRK is king anb king of bollywood

where is salman....who gave two blockbuster movie in 2014.........what the hell award show...........this is totally bullshit...........

Yesterday i saw The Big star entertainment award n it was shahid who won the best actor award n srk didnt win any award n he wasnt even present there how come they put his name int he winner list

I just watched the awards and you guys forgot Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Alia Bhatt & Sidharth Malhotra, Kanika, and Amitabh Bachchan...they all won awards too. This list is seriously half complete, also incorrect because SRK won absolutely nothing this year.

Shahrukh khan has not won any award at the big star entertainment award only shahid won the best actor award for Haider n srk wasnt present at the award i think

i just watched the Big sar entertainment award show now n shahid won the best actor male for Haider n randeep won best actor in social drama film for highway n srk didnt won any award so who has put his name in the list of winners oor the PR management of him has gone mad

Best actor is shahid kapoor n he was awarded big star most entertaining actor male not sharukh but who n why did they put his name instead of shahid

Big star most entertaining actor was given to shahid kapoor not srk why did they publish srk's name here

Srk best in the world and King of the world we love you ark main Pakistani hon or hum sub Pakistani Shahrukh Khan ko bohat chahte or hum ye samajhte hain k sub awards ka haqdaar srk he hai

Srk best actor for HNY .

Star of the Year - Akshay Kumar

Best Actor for his thriller Akshay Kumar

Best actor for drama Shahid Kapoor

Star of the Year Kangana Ranaut

Best actress in a drama Priyanka Chopra

Best actress in the thriller Rani Mukherjee

Best Actress in a negative role Juhi Chawla

The best dancer of the year Katrina Kaif

PR of the year - SRK

Where is kangana and rani?

The best actresses weren't present.

The best actresses were not present.

Sid should get an award for ek villian as well.He was such a revelation in ek villian

Wonderful miss Chopra

LOve U Peecee keep it up

Great Peecee u rock

My darling Priyanka thats just the beginning there's so much more to come as u deserved all the praises accolades for your superb role in Mary kom

Priyanka n shahid r hands down the winners of Best actress/actor for this year

Big congratulations to priyanka for winning best actress award n to the others also

//////////// Priyanka rocks ////////////////

Priyanka won 2 best actress awards thats so amazing n cool

Priyanka is the best actress all the way wow

Best films r Mary Kom n Haider as i said earlier

Well deserving awards to Priyanka for mary kom n shahid for haider also Omung/SLB for Mary kom n then abhishek for HNY or ritesh for Ek villain n arjun in Gunday

Proud to be an ardent fan of Peecee she is so great

Shahid rocks in Haider n he won the best actor award while Priyanka is the best actress qween of bollywood thus she won 2 best actress award for Mary kom she is amazing n brilliant as always in her roles

priyanka chopra deserves

Is this the full list? Where are the rest of the winners?

the full list be available on the 31st december i think when it will be aired on star plus n in the internet sites

It is by vote so congrats to SRK and Shahid.

I'd rather stone these ppl than scrolling down their list of winners.. Wat a crap...!! Queen went home wit nothing?? As someone said, all these awards r bought!!

only shahid kapoor deserves to be a winner.

Wtf? How did she win for Mary Kom twice? What a joke

Totally agree!

Too much jealousy isnt good for health ok n she was amazing in Mary kom so she will win all the awards like in barfi she won almost all the awards barring just 1 or 2 award she didnt win which people were'nt happy as they wanted her to win all the awards that shows how powerful n multi talented priyanka is n will remain so n we love her so much

why not hope u arent a loser hater n Priyanka was the best performer of the year surely so she deserved all the accolades praises n awards

Priyanka in n as Mary kom was fabulous n beyond word to express her role she played n u seem to be the real joker hater now

shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahid congrats baby.

This is an absolute joke. How does Shahrukh get best actor for such pathetic film when salman's kick was the biggest movie of the year.

Kareena should have won for sigam it was better then Mary kom and queen

Nice joke!

haha this is soo funny.every viewer also should hav an award then.the most entertaining audience for promoting such films.most entertaining multiplex and also all actor for most entertaining actor per scene

Heard Salman refused to take the award

Happy new yr was aso bad movie and lack of originality. How come it is wining the award..?

HNY is a nice film very entertaining yet i admit its not the best but abhishek was great he won as well as srk but shahid's performance was superb n better than srk in HNY

Ek Villain was very powerful movie. SID & Ritesh did a great job with superb critics review. SID is young Amitav. He deserve the award but not like Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhavan etc....I feel for Ranveer Sing.He should also get one.

Powerful movie with copied content from the Korean hit film " I saw the Devil"

I love Sidarth and Shaid K. No SRK (old man) and Arjun Kapoor (Stupid Actor)

Ek Villain and Gunday get awards and RamLeela does not??? seriously?

ram leela released in 2013..

Most Entertaining Actor in an Action Film what kind of category is this? lol

Award shows are the real nonsense ki night. who really cares?

Ahhhh Ranveer ahhhhhh:((((((( lootera ram leela and gunday...... Ranveer don't won award whyyyyyy???????? POLITICA

SRK - Bakwas..Sidarth - cool..Arjun K - Bakwas

Sid, Sid Sid Sid only Sid.....

Only Sidarth , he is the best. SRK is again put money on this. Please stop giving this guy any award.

congrats to shahid kapoor.

Priyanya did not deserve two awards! One should have been given to either Kangana or Rani!

Congratulations to all the winners.

thank god that sid won an award!!!

arjun and sid??? seriously??

A very big congratulations to pc abjr and shahid kapoor. Totally deserving!

Sold awards

huh, seperated awards for genre but only actors, no actresses???? That's so stupid, we can tell it's only to give SRK an award!!!

Priyanka well done

varun deserved the award for best romantic performance for sure!!! just cause he wasn't present…seriously this is a joke

Sidharth is deserving for Best romantic actor. Btw it was based on voting. If u guys don't vote how do u expect varun to win the award.

Sidharth is deserving for Best romantic actor. Btw it was based on voting. If guys don't vote how do u expect varun to win the award.

LOL... U r really Funny!!!

katrina deserved the best dancer award !

kangana deserved one award but i'm happy for PC and i'm happy that deepika won nothing!!!!!
dear god thank you!

oh god who care for these crap awards..........i only luk for FILMFARE awards...,Screen Awards and the National Awards

Well done Jaqueline you deserved it. It is totally different dance form , you did it beautifully. Some people do speak Deepika and Katrina. Well I do not think lovely dance moves has got anything new. Katrina ( Bang Bang) no dance at all, no flexibility. Over hyped Doom 3 dance half of the songs done by another person. She was trying to do the split she did it half heartedly as she does not have flexibility in legs . If someone want to see proper contemporary see the Jaqueline's song. ( Anyway there should be a male category)

Why do this haters keep pressurizing us about Kangana. Aren't u here where she said she doesn't like awards? why should they give her.

Surely SRK must find winning awards meaningless considering he gets it regardless of whether he has performed well or not, come on even he must have thot HNY was crap!

I just cried heavily. What a lame winners.

How come Jacqueline won the best dancer ?! What a joke!!

Kangana shld have won..she is the most deserving..rani,alia also did well..siddarth for hasee toh pasee...pls give some fair award!...

its a joke

A very big congratulations to Priyanka very well deserved! Same for shahid kapoor!

PC is well deserving of that award! Kangana had the backing of good script&good direction while PC had to save the movie on sheer Mega performance,it had a crappy direction! about the Box office performance PC's film had an overall better box office collection,Queen did well only in India! WHAT CAN I SAY HATERS GONNA HATE! Save you energy for next year since she has two mega releases,dont run short of your hating phrases!PSSSSHT!

Queen had a very limited release outside of India, but it still made almost 40 crore (foreign) and 98 crore worldwide. Mary Kom, with all the hype and that just made 6 crore more than Queen. Btw, the award is for Most Entertaining Actor, and Kangana definitely was more entertaining in Queen. But I'm not unhappy with PC winning. At least it wasn't someone like Kareena or Katrina

It's sidharth malhothra got a trophy as it matches he's acting ability.

lol…best comment true!!!

Haha what a joke. I thought it is called most entertaining, so why won SRK? Most of the people were dissapointed about HNY. The only good thing I don´t see Hrithik and his cr...BangBang on the list.

I think these are much deserving winners compared to Stardust!! But Arjun and Siddarth? Really?

Where is Kangana??? She was the best in 2014.

congrats to priyanka chopra and shahid kapoor.
I think best actress in social drama should go to rani mukherjee and female star of the year to kanagana.

PC wasn't bad in Marykom, but she wasn't good either, and definitely no-where near as good as Kangana in queen. And Queen was far mor entertaining than Markom. The prove is that Queen did alot more business at the box-office than Marykom, even though Marykom didn't have to pay any tax. Kanagana should have won.

Here we go again!!!

To think that Kangana is the best actor this year, means one is PC hater..? as dumb as it can get.......PC might have given her best for Mary Kom but still not near to Kangana's performance in Queen....PV post this.....

this is why pc attended big star and not stardust. hypocrite much. shame shame

the way the ek villain team is celebrating you'd think they made some masterpiece film that just won an oscar

arjun and sid won awards for acting…oh please now this is getting ridiculous!!!!

oh Plz.... Dont put Sid n Arjun in sane scale. Sid is far far better than the non actors n Over actors.

The mst entertainment female award should go to kangana mary kom was nt on entertaiment value unfair havent got the award becz kangana havent atend it n priyanka deserve for mary kom best actor drama fare enough.. N i thnk shahid deserves for best dancer category to becoz bismil is nt just a dance its a portray of emotions they u r displayng with ur dance n hapy dat shahid won best actor drama n haider won film of the year 2 cheers cmpletly deserving. :-)

The mst entertainment female award should go to kangana mary kom was nt on entertaiment value unfair havent got the award becz kangana havent atend it n priyanka deserve for mary kom best actor drama fare enough.. N i thnk shahid deserves for best dancer category to becoz bismil is nt just a dance its a portray of emotions they u r displayng with ur dance n hapy dat shahid won best actor drama n haider won film of the year 2 cheers cmpletly deserving. :-)

The one's shouting Kangana should have won are 'No supporters of Kangana even in the least sense. They are PC haters to be honest and cant accept her capabilities to achieve beyond what their loser favorites can. Kangana No doubt is a gem of an actor, but the game is all in PC's court... - THATS A FACT & you may hate me more for it.


How did abhishek bacahchan win. Not one person went to see HNY for him. The audience went to see SRK 8pack abs and to see SRK and deepika. Abhishek was in a film about a heist before, it was called players, and was a huge flop. If SRK was not in HNY, and abhishek was the lead, then it would have flopped too. Also, HNY broke all the opening records, but still didn't beat D3, because people didn't like the film. It broke the opening records because people wanted to SRK and deepika, but were disappointed when they saw irritating abhishek throwing up.

YES. I'm so happy that SRK usual. HNY did a record breaking opening thankz to his star power and his huge fan following, even though it was directed by disaster farah khan. Everyone on pinkvilla said before the release that HNY would flop. That Farah was worse than her brother sajid, that the film looked like TMK2, that the trailer was crap and so were the songs, that it had a flop cast like abhishek, sonu sood, vivaan, and that deepika's last film was also a disater....but HNY still destroyed all opening records. HNY did more in one day than the lifetime gross of most films released this year. That's the power of KING KHAN. If SRK was not in HNY, then it would have flopped worse than TMK, because it wasn't a good film. It's just thanks to SRK that it did 392cr worldwide. SRK is going to win all the star of the year awards, and rightfully so.

I'm so glad that Haider won best film. Vishal is a genius and tabu and Irfan were excellent. I loved that Vishal showed that Salman and his films are ridiculous. Haider deserves a National Award/Filmfare..even the Oscars for the scene when haider stones the salmans (bhai fans). It shows what the film industry really thinks about Salman, his retarded films, and his even more retarded fans. Oh, and it's so funny that Shahid even promoted haider on salmans show, and even got the best film award at the same awards show that Salman attended. LOL.

Your silly comment not going to change anything... Salman is the biggest superstar with millions of fan... Shahid vishal can nit even an inch closer to salman popularity ...

Hahaha. SRK didn't even attend, and they still gave him the best actor awards. KING KHAN rules. SRK and HNY will win all the popular awards this year. Also dumb people complaining about how can they have awards when the year hasn't finished yet. Most awards show don't show the year from Jan-Dec. It's usually from dec-nov the next year. Even the oscars don't look at 1st jan -31dec, they usually do 1st feb - 31st jan. IF any film released in dec is worthy of an award, it will be added to next years stardust/big star awards.

STARDUST were the best and were VERY FAIR. Stupid people were complaining for nothing. Infact, i agreed with every award at the STARDUST awards. SRK and Deepika fully deserved the Star of the year awards. HNY was the biggest BO grosser worldwide, and these awards were also decided by poll, and SRK has the biggest fan following, so obviously he won. Queen won the best film. Kangana won the best actress (even though she didn't attend), and randeep won for best actress. They fully deserved it too.

I agree, Sonam for best actress in a romantic movie over Parineeti in Hasee toh Phasee was completly justified.

These awards are about ENTERTAINMENT... Obviously, Priyanka didn't deserve it, Kangana gave a better performance which had more entertainment value... As much I like PC, she gave a flawed performance with minimal entertainment... Abhishek's performance was entertaining but SRK brought the award for himsef and Priyanka...

If Kangana does not get all the best actress awards this year...then it is rigged for this one some big star stupid awards only to people attending their functions is downright manipulative and stupid.....Infct there should have been only one nomination this year for the best actress....Kangana....nobody else came even closer in terms of acting including the noes winning here.....many actors might have put in a lot of hard work for their role but when it came to histrionics nobody matched kangana this year...PV please post this....

Kangana wont show up for these like Aamir she wont win anything...They prob give best actress awards to Priyanka...She will happily turn up, do a dance number to some boring song, get an award. Organisers happy, Advertisers Priyanak happy ( cause she prob gets paid for doing the dance)..Yawn Kangana (Queen) and Juhi Chawla (Gulab Gang)acted really well this yr

This can only happen in India where the award functions starts before even the year ends. Not to forget that the biggest movie of the year is yet to release.

Biggest movie? How do you know? Just because Aamir's in it? LOL his movies are always so called "INSPIRED" and I don't think it will be anywhere close to Haider in terms of everything! So doesn't matter!

We knew Srk ,Abhishek will get .....its Anil ambanis company....

Abhishek deserves it for HNY... Think about Arjun for Gunday?

We knew who will get......people who attend and who pay.....isn't

noooooooooooooooooooo sid was hands down desvered in ek villain

okay so why does SRK is given an award or an award category is created for him? This is something I do not understand. Please enlighten me all SRK and non-SRK fans.

No award for Juhi Chawla in Gulaab Gang? You are partial

PC!!!!! many more to come, sweetheart.

sid should get for villiain and romantc both. but we are all happy for sid.

yeeee,,,siddarth malhotra

Very happy for Shahid! truly deserved

Arjun Kapoor!!!! And Best dancer jaqueline when both Hrthik and deepika were in that category!? Hilarious!

I thought ppl said Shahid won the "main" award but thts srk n shahid got in social drama. N best social drama film for Mary kom?? Lol its a shame to call it a biopic. Haider as film of the year was only truly well deserved n shahid ofc. Arjun for best in action film lol nore like christmas gift from papa. Jaqcueline for dancing? I thought hrithik or katrina would bag this jacqy was good but shahid killed it in bismil not just doing the steps but his expression n body language n all!

What???? What about Kangana and Deepika??? What about Rani and Alia??? This is totally infair and rubbish. PC clearly paid for these awards and it id fixed. Deepika is much more popular than PC, and Kangana is a much better actress.

Congrats to Shahid Kapoor Haider was Amazing movie keep shining like star

omg!!!! woohoooo SRK and PC won!!! forboth female and male. both the best fandoms ever Srkians and PCmaniacs rejoice. woot woot.

Yessssssssss Sasha win Shahid Haider well desvered

agree with everything except Arjun Kapoor, he is not the action hero Akshay Kumar is the action hero, not vrdzhun not agree with SRK, it just is not what it was

Queen got nothing? Kangana was hands down better thank Priyanka

Priyanka was far better than kangana in terms of acting or whether training n hard work yet qween was also a fabulous film n kangana was great while priyanka was superb brilliant in the film

yepeeeeeeeeee congo SRK,Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra :)

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