Deepika wishes to work with AbRam

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Shah Rukh Khan is a proud father. He has been showered with compliments since his youngest kid AbRam made his debut with “Happy New Year”. But the superstar is most happy with the compliment he got about his kid from Deepika Padukone.

AbRam made a cameo appearance in the movie and his name was mentioned in the end credits of the movie.

“AbRam is looking adorable in the film. The best compliment I got was from Deepika. She said she wants to do her next film with him (AbRam) as she finds him adorable,” Shah Rukh said during the success party of his recent release.

“Happy New Year”, which released in theatres on October 24, raked in Rs.108.86 crore in the opening weekend.

Directed by Farah Khan, “Happy New Year” also features Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff and Vivaan Shah.

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Okay, AbRam is really adorable and all, but this is the 3rd or 4th article relating HNY and AbRam.

I somehow think that this is the engine that drives the film to the desired quantity crores =)

Hey, how about this scenario: somebody makes a movie 25 yrs. from now about a romance between a young man and an older woman and decides to cast AbRam and Deepika?

Yeah its already been done. Akshay Khanna and dimple in Dil chalta hai.

That would work! Acting is acting, and it's not like SRK is stupid, in most of his recent movies he's never portrayed himself as being "Seriously" in love with the actress. In OSO he was a fan who was in love with a heroine, then the movie was mainly about revenge. In Jab Tak Hai Jaan that was likely the only film where he romanced a heroine and Katrina is in her mid thirties so that is ok. In Happy New Year he didn't even have a love story line with Deepika!!

Its a human being and not a toy. Is it possible for over proud daddy SRK to wait till the moment his boy can make a choice for himself.

Always wanted Deepika to play a role of a mother on screen with an adorable baby, as she herself is adorable when she is around babies in real life. :D Abram is the epitome of cuteness. I would love to see her portraying his mom on screen or something.

Love them!

What a joke! Now that SRK can't make a hit movie, he is trying to get publicity through his baby.

Lol the haters! Look at that baby! who wldnt want to be in the same frame as him.


If deepika can act opp srk, avram can act opp deepika!!

I think every child is special and adorable in his own way. Indian mentality always do buttering ...... Too much

I seriously doubt that Padu...but, I am sure your daughter will come against SRK one day :)

Aww!! How cute!

Still can't get over how beautiful AbRam is!! Beautiful baby. No wonder his mom saying how her husband is all over him and can't woke up without him! So sweet.


LOL When I read the title I thought it was satirical news!

And all this for the raising of the film at the Box Office ! LOL

what a beautiful baby!! But really he wont!! He is as yummy and as cute as it can be!! Muaah!

Deepika's future daughter has more chances to work as Abram mother.

Awwww. :))

deepika ,SRK ,and AbRam ...three of them should do a movie together......three dimpled cutiees............

Aww I'm sure she'll have a chance to play his mother in 20 yes or so

I think Deepika has become SRK God father. Helikes her a lot. Good for her

How sweet. His baby is a gorgeous god bless.

Good one dp , All this for the raising of the film at the Box Office

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